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What are your activities while in Belitung?

Below is an example of the activities that you can do during your 2 day stay in Belitung, if you decide to go alone. For those of you who need travel arrangement services, we have an experienced team to arrange your trip in Belitung in a Tour Package. There are several types of tour packages that we offer, namely: Beach & Island Package (Lightouse), Photographer Package, Honeymoon Package (Honeymoon) and Corporate Outing Package. As for those of you who choose to travel alone, here are the activities you can do:

The first day

All of course depends on you. The main activity is exploring the coast. It takes 30 minutes from the airport to the beach. Visitors usually go straight to the coast of Tanjung Tinggi. This beach is a community center where many traditional seafood restaurants are found, as a place to relax and have lunch. You can spend a full day here because the beach is unique from various angles. Or alternatively, if you like adventuring to small islands, you can just rent a fishing boat to go to the islands from the village of Tanjung Binga. Thus, in the afternoon you can spend time in Tanjung Tinggi to swim in sea water.

At night ? There are not many activities you can do if you decide to stay in hotels by the beach, unless you stay in hotels in the city some hotels that provide live music, especially on Saturday nights, and you can also see live music in the cafe open air cafes on the coast of Tanjung Pendam in the city of Tanjungpandan. If you go with a group, I suggest arranging an evening entertainment before going there. They can provide activities including: barbecue parties.

The second day

We are sure, the first day is still not enough for you to enjoy the beach, after all there are many more beaches that you can visit. You have visited Tanjung Kelayang beach. This beach, especially in the past, is a beautiful beach, but a hotel whose construction has stalled makes this place seem abandoned. However, originally this place was a beautiful place. You can enjoy drinking young coconut water and walking along the white sandy beach. On the west coast, there is a villa, where you can also see beautiful beaches with views of granite and the surrounding islands. After Tanjung Kelayang, you can continue your journey to Tanjung Binga. There is a beach between Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Binga, with a distance of about 1km from the highway. I don't know the name of this beach, but the white sand here is very pretty.

In Tanjung Binga, you can see the beautiful view from the Bukit Berahu restaurant and hotel. This is a hill by the beach. Tanjung Binga is a fishing port village, you can buy fish at cheap prices. If you come at the right time, Tanjung Binga is the center of durian fruit production, fruit with a pungent odor but has a good taste (Westerners say). In the afternoon, you can still go back to Tanjung Tinggi or go by fishing boat to visit the small islands if you decide not to do it on the first day.

The third day ?

No, we think you should go home and go back to work. Or if you want to continue exploring Belitung, you can visit by rental car to get around Belitung. You can visit Manggar, the second city in Belitung, 80km east of Tanjungpandan. Formerly, Manggar was the center of tin mining activities from the Dutch era until the late 1980s. Other cities such as Gantung, 20km south of Manggar are also interesting places to visit, where there is a large dam which was also built by the Dutch. From Gantung about 35km to the south you can reach the village of Tanjung Kelumpang which is quite famous for Punai Beach. Another city is Kelapa Kampit, 50km east of Tanjungpandan, a city famous for underground tin mining facilities in the 1970s. Or, if you decide to go south of the town of Tanjungpandan, you can find the authenticity of the village of Membalong, and end up at the seaport to cross to the island of Seliu which is famous as a center for producing emping chips.

Rainbow Troops

Don't forget, for some Laskar Pelangi people, it is the main destination for traveling to Belitung. Just to remind, Laskar Pelangi is a novel that tells the story of 10 poor children in Gantung, East Belitung struggling to get an education in the midst of social inequality where luxury education facilities are built by tin mining companies that are only devoted to the children of officials. This novel is a best seller novel in history, including the film Laskar Pelangi which is the most watched film in the history of film in Indonesia.

To facilitate visitors who want to see first hand the area where the Laskar Pelangi story was made, the atmosphere and building of a school replica, Andrea Hirata, the writer of the Laskar Pelangi novel, built an area called Kampong Laskar Pelangi. Every year there is also a Laskar Pelangi Festival, a festival that presents the rich literary and cultural richness of the Belitung people. Laskar Pelangi Tourism Package which provides a special one-day tour to visit original story locations and making Laskar Pelangi films in the village of Gantung, East Belitung can be used as a way to enjoy this tour to the Laskar Pelangi Village.

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    1 Oct 2015

    Additional activities not included in the itinerary that can be added are visits to: 1. South Belitung: Batu Lubang, Seliu Island, Lebong Island, Mentikus Island 2. East Belitung: Tanjung Kelumpang, Batu Hitam, Open Pit, Bukit Pangkuan