Batu Berlayar Belitung

North West Coast
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North West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
27 km
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40 km
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Uniqueness of Batu Berlayar

In Batu Berlayar, the white sand will only appear during low tide, it means the boat can only stop at the island during low tide as well. So if you want to visit Batu Berlayar island, please check with your boat driver when is the right time. Visiting Batu Berlayar is part of island hopping trip, the main attraction of the tour in Belitung.

Description Batu Berlayar

Batu Berlayar (Sailing Rock) island, is formation of giant granite boulders with 2 main high vertical rock shape just like a sail where the white sands as the boat. This is why people of Belitung name this place as Batu Berlayar (Sailing Rock), one of the unique attraction of island hopping tour in Belitung about 15 minutes trip from the port of Tanjung Kelayang.

Special Batu Berlayar

  • The granite boulders with vertical shape
  • Shark fin form granite rock
  • Island with only boulders and sands
  • Snorkeling near the island

The sea surrounding the island is beautiful and shallow, clear and there are also coral with many beautiful fishes. But BE CAREFULL, there are quite many Sea Urchin (Bulu Babi) a species of sea animal like a hedgehog with very sharp long spine likes nidles. Make sure you use sandal or shoes when walking in the water especially at the East Cost of the island.

Map of Batu Berlayar

Things To Do at Batu Berlayar

  • Swimming
  • Photography hunting
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Snorkeling on the coral

Batu Berlayar island consist of 2 main big boulders standing vertical about 10 meter high. Surrounding these main rocks there are several other formation of boulders with different kind of artistic form. This island is not that far from the coast of main Belitung island. It is still in Tanjung Kelayang area at the West coast beach.

One unique item of Batu Berlayar island is a grante rock just several meter away from the white sands and it shape likes shark fin or may be more likes shark teeth. There is no name of this rock yet, but let's name it Shark Fin (Sirip Hiu) rock. This is a fotogenic rock where photographers usually take nice picture with lighthouse at Lengkuas island as background.


Access to Batu Berlayar

However snorkeling surrounding the island is also quite good especially at the West Coast where you can find quite many coral with a lot of fishes. If you do a snorkeling please also be careful since the sea current surrounding this island sometime quite strong. Make sure you use life vest when you do the snorkeling activity.

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Comments Batu Berlayar

  • client
    Rida BIC
    13 May 2018

    Batu Berlayar Island is one of the most photohenik places in Belitung. This island has only rocks and sand and when the tide is tidal it will be covered with sea water. Although beautiful this place is also dangerous. There are three things you must avoid in Batu Berlayar. First, avoid the sharp surface of the stone, usually because there are many sharp shells around the rock. Second, the waters around it have a lot of sharp sea urchins and can prick legs. Three, the sea currents especially those that lead to the beach are very fast, so do not ever try to swim because you can be swept away by the current.

  • client
    21 Jun 2012

    wow this photo is clear, sharp and beautiful, belitung I am comiiing

  • client
    6 May 2012

    Wow, this island is really cool, there are only rocks and sand, I think there are also a lot of coral reefs, don't want to go on vacation to Belitong