Pantai Mabai Belitung

North West Coast
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
North West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
25 km
Distance to Airport
28 km
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Uniqueness of Pantai Mabai

Activities That Can Be Done

At Mabai Beach, you can do some interesting activities, such as:
  • Enjoy the beautiful and enchanting panorama of Mabai Beach.
  • With its calm waves, you can play water and swim on the beach.
  • Sunbathing while playing exotic white sand beach.
  • With a calm atmosphere, you can also relax while you are tired and tired.
  • Enjoy a variety of typical Belitung menus and also sea food menus at Mabai Restaurant.
  • Take pictures with the beautiful natural background to produce cool images.

Description Pantai Mabai

Not far from Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Tanjung Kelayang Beach, you can also find beautiful beaches with the characteristics of a restaurant. The beach which has a calmer atmosphere than Tanjung Tinggi or Tanjung Kelayang Beach is called Mabai Beach. Visiting Mabai Beach can certainly be an option for those of you who really want to do relaxation.

Special Pantai Mabai

  • There is a restaurant which is named after Mabai Beach
  • Have white sand with a long and wide coastline
  • The atmosphere is calm and peaceful
  • Close to Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Kelayang Beach

Because here the beach is fairly beautiful and sustainable, so while in Mabai Beach you are required to maintain cleanliness and the environment. You are prohibited from doing damage and things that make this beach so damaged
Mabai Beach is located in the village of Keciput Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency. To achieve this you need about 35 minutes. While from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport, you can reach Mabai Beach in about 43 minutes. For access roads leading to the Mabai Beach is fairly good because it is smooth paved. .

Map of Pantai Mabai

Things To Do at Pantai Mabai

  • Playing in the beach
  • Swimming
  • Drinking and relaxing
  • Fine dining service

The name Mabai comes from the name of a restaurant that is just behind the beach. So if you come here, before entering the beach, you will first pass Mabai Restaurant. Mabai Beach itself has characteristics or characteristics like other beaches namely white sand, calm waves and also has granite rocks. The difference is the coastline at Mabai Beach which is longer and wider. In addition, if you are in Tanjung Tinggi Beach or Tanjung Kelayang Beach, the atmosphere is crowded, then in Mabai Beach you will be able to feel a calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Mabai Beach is indeed located in the middle between the arch between Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Tanjung Kelayang Beach. While at this Mabai Beach, Tanjung Tinggi Beach is in the East and Tanjung Kelayang Beach is in the West. On this sloping beach you can relax optimally. Because in addition to the support of a calm atmosphere, here there is also a cool and cool breeze coming from the surrounding shade trees. From here you can feel the relaxation activities to be more leverage. With the arrangement that is getting better, making Mabai Beach becomes a beach that looks like Jimbaran Beach but with a slightly smaller size.


Facilities at Pantai Mabai

Existing facilities at Mabai Beach are fairly good. This is because here you can find a restaurant directly overlooking the beach. Besides that, around the beach you can also find the hotel inn Hotel Lor in which also has direct views overlooking the beach. Also not left behind here is also prepared a playing arena for golfers who like it.

Access to Pantai Mabai

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Comments Pantai Mabai

  • client
    Yanti Sulaiman
    17 Nov 2018

    This Mabai beach seems to have a restaurant that has been around for quite a long time, its white sand beach is really cool and can walk to Tanjung Tinggi beach. Near the Mabai beach there is a river mouth that has red water, like tea water.