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If you want to know for a moment the heritage of the sultanate in Belitung, artifacts from medieval ceramics from China and of course some ornaments from PT.Timah, then you can stop for a moment at the Tanjungpandan Museum. The location of the museum is still in the same complex as Tanjungpendam beach.
This museum also collects many types of rocks found in Belitung which are the collections of former PT.Timah. There are also ancient traditional Tioghoa ethnic clothing, ancient coins and various keris and heirlooms from the small sultanate that you have in Belitung in the past. On the outside of the museum, there are also several ancient Dutch machines that were used to mine tin.
What is the typical Belitung architecture like? The traditional house of Belitung is a reconstruction of the creativity of Belitung architecture which is thick with the Malay flow. This house is a new building, in the form of a house on stilts made of wood, but using the old style architecture. Inside the house, there are several art and cultural artifacts of the Belitung people, such as traditional clothes and traditional wedding ceremonies.
The location of the house in Belitung is located next to the official residence of the Belitung Regent in the Air Ketekok area in the city center of Tanjungpandan. In this place, local Malay cultural traditional ceremonies are often held and art performances such as: folding and regional dances.

Description Tanjung Pandan

Tanjung Pandan City is the largest city in Belitung, the capital of Belitung district (West Belitung - ed). Tanjungpandan has a population of around 90,000 people and is located on the west coast of Belitung, 15km to the west from HAS Hananjoedin Belitung airport. Tanjungpandan was a major trading city, where there was a port for ships mostly sailing from Jakarta.

Special Tanjung Pandan

  • The largest city on the island of Belitung
  • Various culinary tours and cafes
  • Various tours besides antai
  • Cultural and historical tours

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Things To Do at Tanjung Pandan

  • Enjoy the coffes
  • Gathering with friends
  • Culture and tradition
  • Walking adventure
  • Gathering with friends
  • Culture and tradition
  • Walking adventure

Tanjungpandan City is also located at the mouth of the Cerucuk river, one of the largest rivers in Belitung. Belitung's beaches are extraordinarily beautiful, but enjoying the atmosphere other than the beach is an activity that visitors are definitely looking for, especially at night. For that, let's explore what is interesting about places other than the beaches in Belitung. Click the THINGS TO DO tab to explore interesting places that you deserve to visit in the city of Tanjung Pandan.
This beach is a place for city residents to relax to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the afternoon. Located in the former housing complex of PT.Timah officials, making Tanjungpendam beach quite well maintained since a long time ago. Here you will not find white sand beaches and head trees, but especially for children there is a playground which is quite interesting. From this beach, you can see the ships going back and forth into the mouth of the Cerucuk river against the backdrop of the legendary Kalamoa return. The sunset against the backdrop of the ships just about to go to sea and the island of Kalamoa make this a great place to enjoy the early evening.
At night, Tanjungpendam beach turns into a gathering place for the Belitung people to enjoy various culinary delights in open air restaurants while being accompanied by live music from local musicians who appear in several restaurants. In this place also often held art performance stage events. There are also various facilities such as basketball and futsal courts. Tanjung Pendam is also a popular hangout spot for onthel bicycle enthusiasts in Tanjungpandan.


Facilities at Tanjung Pandan

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This is a center for souvenirs and souvenirs from Belitung, located in the downtown market of Tanjungpandan. Even though it is still simple, various souvenirs ranging from t-shirts, key chains, seafood guarantees, famous satam stones to various snacks such as crackers, shrimp paste, key orange syrup, various dodol, salted fish, etc. are available in this place. The most special souvenirs from Belitung are crackers and shrimp paste. If you want to buy larger portions, you can order directly to the place where the crackers or shrimp paste are made. Galeri KUKM accommodates small businesses in Belitung that are engaged in producing Belitung typical goods to support the role of the Belitung people in the development of local tourism.
This is not a tourist place. This place is especially for you who are interested in photography. Kaolin Lake is a famous place for sunrise photo hunting in Belitung. The unique and white color of the former mining puddle and the blue lake water, provide a unique view that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Hunting for sunrise photos is even more impressive because the combination of white and golden colors in the sun makes the kaolin lake even more beautiful to take pictures. The best time for photo hunting in the former kaolin mine is during the dry season when the depth of the lake water begins to dry up a bit so that many white mounds appear in the middle of the lake. You can also find human interest objects in locations around this lake, namely children and mothers who are washing and bathing at the location of the kaolin lake.
For some people this place is not an attractive location, but for photographer enthusiasts who want a human interest object this location can provide an attractive shooting target. There are many large fish that have just been unloaded from fishing boats, various forms of colorful boats, workers who appear real and what they are with the morning sun rays from the side, making this place an attractive sunrise hunting location. Apart from the port, the Belitung fish market can also be used as an interesting object for photography hunting events. Various types of fish are there and the bustle of the fish market atmosphere in the morning can be an interesting object. Not far from this location there is also a ship port, where you can take a shooting scene of motorboats and phinisi ships anchored at the Tanjungpandan port.
These two places are also not a means of tourism, but these two places are getting more and more famous because more and more tourists are visiting to just relax for a while. Ake coffee shop is a famous coffee shop for Tanjungpandan people from various backgrounds who want to spend time chatting while enjoying a special cup of coffee. Ake Coffee Shop has been run by 3 generations. There are many devices such as old ceramic kettles that still have Dutch characters on them, as well as a kettle for boiling water on a charcoal stove and a coffee filter which is also distinctive. The decoration of the shop is very simple, decorated with old photos. The tables used are also unique and old, made of concrete and are hexagonal in shape. Meanwhile, for those of you who are hungry, there is delicious food next to Ake Coffee Shop, the name is Suto Belitong. At first glance, this food is like vegetable rhombus, but the taste is much different. The soup is made from beef rib curry stew mixed with coconut milk and a few slices of meat and spices, sliced rice cake, rice noodles, chips, potatoes sprinkled with fried onions, and a mixture of soy sauce and lime, making this food fresh for breakfast while drinking coffee. Well, the most famous and always the destination for tourists who have just arrived in Belitung, if they take a flight with the earliest scheduled plane from Jakarta, is Mie Belitong at the Atep shop in the market center of Tanjungpandan city. The main component that makes this meal delicious is the thick and savory prawn curry sauce, mixed with noodles and bean sprouts, sliced fried tofu, chips and Belitong's distinctive fragrant cayenne pepper. Most tourists don't feel it is enough if they only eat one plate. The drink that goes well with Mie Belitong is the key orange ice which is also famous from Belitung.

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