Samak Hill Belitung

Quick Summary
Asep Irwan Gunawan
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Manggar
2 km
Distance to Airport
70 km
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Uniqueness of Samak Hill

Being in Bukit Samak, a variety of fun activities can be carried out, including:

  • Enjoy beautiful and exotic natural scenery from the top or hilltop.
  • In the afternoon you can enjoy the charm of the sunset and in the morning there is a panoramic sunrise.
  • With the support of the cool air then you can relax on the hilltop.
  • Doing photography with a cool backgroud that will produce good pictures.
  • Enjoy culinary in cafes or restaurants in Bukit Samak.
  • Stay overnight or stay at an inn or resort with modern facilities.

Description Samak Hill

Not far from Nyiur Melambai Beach, you can find an interesting spot or scenic spot named Bukit Samak. Bukit Samak which is also called A1 has indeed become the right place for you who want to enjoy the view or take pictures with the background of the beach, sea and the City of Manggar from a height.

Special Samak Hill

  • Spot a view of the City of Manggar and surroundings from above
  • A place for maximum relaxation with the support of cool air
  • A tourist area that has a history from the Dutch colonial era
  • Complete and complete facilities with modern lodging support

The entrance fee for Bukit Samak tour is free. But if you decide to stay overnight or overnight then of course you need to pay a rate. Rates for overnight stays vary depending on the class and lodging service you choose. Rates for staying here start from IDR 150,000 / night to IDR 350,000 / night.

Map of Samak Hill

Things To Do at Samak Hill

  • Enjoy the height
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Photography hunting
  • Drinking and relaxing

The name Samak itself was taken because on this hill there are many small trees that are shady, beautiful and cool. But before becoming a tourist attraction, Bukit Samak was once the housing of Dutch officials. In addition to housing, here you can also find luxury buildings that used to be occupied by company executives from PT Timah in the city of Manggar. But because then PT Timah went bankrupt and no longer operated, then this place changed its function. With the cooperation of the government and the surrounding community, the Bukit Samak area has become a recreational tourism object. Meanwhile the Bukit Samak house which was previously occupied by Dutch officials was made the official residence of the Regent and Deputy Regent of the Manggar Regency.
As a plateau in Manggar Belitung Timur, Bukit Samak will be able to present a panorama with a wide perspective. Here you will be able to enjoy some beautiful scenery such as Nyiur Melambai Beach, Tebing Beach, Oliver Beach and the ocean. Then passing the ship will look interesting you will see from this hill. Because of its location near the City of Manggar then on a hill as high as 130 meters above sea level you can also see views of the City of Manggar from a height. With the support of the cool air in the morning and evening make the Bukit Samak more attractive to go to relax. With everything that is offered, Bukit Samak has become one of the favorite destinations of the Manggar City youth, especially on weekends to relax or take pictures.


Facilities at Samak Hill

In Bukit Samak, you can find several complete public facilities such as gazebo, mosque, play ground, cafe and restaurant. For those of you who want to stay here also available lodging with several services such as full air-conditioning, multipurpose building, entertainment and so forth.

Access to Samak Hill

You can reach Bukit Samak in Lalang Village, Manggar Subdistrict, East Belitung Regency in a relatively short time, which is only 5 minutes from the center of Manggar City. Meanwhile from HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport, you must take this Bukit Samak in about 1 hour 12 minutes. For those of you who depart from the City of Tanjung Pandan, the journey is rather long, namely 1 hour 20 minutes, you have to travel to get to Bukit Samak. As for the condition of the road to Bukit Samak, this is already good with a smooth asphalt and around the hill.

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