Batu Baginda Belitung

South Belitung
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
South Belitung
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
64 km
Distance to Airport
66 km
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Uniqueness of Batu Baginda

In Batu Baginda, you can do several activities and activities such as:

  • Climb or climb to the top of His Majesty's Stone.

  • Enjoy the beautiful view from the top of His Majesty's Stone.

  • In the morning or evening you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

  • With the support of a gentle breeze, you can also relax optimally to eliminate boredom and fatigue.

  • Conducting photography activities that will produce cool pictures or photos.

Description Batu Baginda

Large granite stones on the island of Belitung are indeed mostly found on the beach. But what if there is a giant granite in the middle of the mainland. Of course it will be very interesting if we can go to him. The phenomenon of giant granite in the middle of the mainland in the village of Padang Kandis is called Batu Baginda.

Special Batu Baginda

  • Is a granite stone that is very large and towering
  • Can be climbed to enjoy the view from above
  • There are many beautiful and beautiful scenery from above the King's Rock
  • Is a place that is sacred by the local community


Because the location of the Stone of His Majesty is a place that is sacred by the local population and several other people, then you are required to maintain the attitude and conversation when you are here. Don't say dirty or do corrupt and indecent acts. This is because if you do these things then the watchman of His Majesty may be unhappy and will bother you. For women there are also restrictions that are prohibited from going up for women who are in menstrual periods.

Map of Batu Baginda

Things To Do at Batu Baginda

  • Enjoy the height
  • Drinking and relaxing
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Photography hunting

Batu Baginda or also called Batu Baginde is a granite stone that is very large and towering like a mountain. Because of its high presence, there are some people who call it the Bukit Batu Baginda. Batu Baginda itself has a diameter of 1.5 meters and a height of about 250 meters from the ground. Interestingly, His Majesty has two large stones that are close together. According to local belief, these two stones are male and female couples. Not only is it believed to be a paired stone, the location of the Baginda Stone is also believed by the local residents as a sacred place. This can be seen from some people who make Batu Baginda a place of dignity and even look for pesugihan.

The main treat of Batu Baginda is, of course, the beautiful panorama on it. From the top of His Majesty's Stone you can see the green of the forest below the hill and also the expanse of the sea with its exotic beaches from the distance. Not only that, from the top of this hill we can also see the atmosphere of Padang Kandis Village. The most interesting scenery of course there is in the morning and evening before evening. This is because in the morning we can watch a beautiful sunrise, while in the afternoon there is a beautiful and romantic sunset panorama. Being on top of this Majesty Stone we will also be welcomed with a gentle breeze that makes you very relaxed and comfortable.


Facilities at Batu Baginda


Because it still has not received much attention from the local Regional Government, in Batu Baginda tourism object, we cannot find any facilities or infrastructure. Therefore it is recommended for you who will come here to bring all the supplies and also food and beverage supplies.

Access to Batu Baginda


To go to Batu Baginda you have to direct your vehicle to the area of Padang Kandis Village, Membalong District, Belitung Regency. With good road access, you can get here by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. To go up or on the top of Batu Baginda hill, then you have to get ready for hiking and climbing. Although not too high, but when climbing you are required to use a rope that has been installed by residents. This climbing must be done because there is a sloping and high stone position. The time to reach Batu Baginda from Tanjung Pandan City is around 1 hour 13 minutes. While from H.A.S. Airport Hanandjoeddin required time is approximately 1 hour 17 minutes.

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