Burung Island Belitung

North West Coast
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Rustam Effendie
North West Coast
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Distance to Tanjung Pandan
27 km
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40 km
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Uniqueness of Burung Island

The beach along the coast of the island are soft and white. During low tide you can walk to reach the bird boulder. Please be careful since there are many sharp coral reef and sharp shell at the lower part of the boulder. Sea urchin also common and spreads along the sea surrounding the boulder.

Meanwhile is the South coast of the island, the sea are shallow and calm with very soft and clear white sand at the bottom. There are almost no sharp coral neither shell in this area, you can freely enjoy the clear sea water with absolute white sand at the bottom.

If you want to do snorkeling, the good place for this activity is in the sea near bird boulder where the corals are quite many. During low tide, you can find clown nemo fishes just several meter away from the beach where the deep of sea water just as high as you leg.

Description Burung Island

Burong island (Bird island), is placed in the North shore of Belitung in front of Tanjung Binga village. Size of this island is about 2 hectares, white sand beaches all along the island shore with artistic granite boulders along the beach and also spread along the sea surrounding. This is an island where you can spend time to feel quite beach environment where the noises are not even exist.

Special Burung Island

  • Big ganite rock form likes a bird head
  • White sandy beach in a gulf with calm sea
  • Snorkeling just close to the beach
  • Loving rock, unique formation of granite rock

The best time to visit Burong island is in the afternoon, especially if you want to maximize your photo shoot with famous bird boulder as the backgound. The sun will be shine you face where bird boulder placed at the back of you. The journey to Burong island take about 30 minutes from Tanjung Kelayang or just 15 minutes from Tanjung Binga. The trip to Burong island is usually in one trip to Lengkuas island.

Map of Burung Island

Things To Do at Burung Island

  • Swimming
  • Photography hunting
  • Playing in the beach
  • Snorkeling on the coral

The unique scenary of Burong island is the giant granite boulder on the South East coast of the island that form likes a bird head. According to people surrounding, the name of this island was taken from this bird boulder. Burong is the local language for bird.

The boulder that form likes a bird had become one of the icon of the beauty of Belitung granite boulders. The size of the boulder is equal with 3 stories building with unique formation. It seem one of the boulder had been split and some part seems had fall apart because of abration. If you visit Belitung you must visit Burong island and most visitor taking self photo with the bird boulder as the background. You must do it as well.


Facilities at Burung Island

In this Burong island, there are several bungalow under the coconut tree that can be used to take a rest. If you like adventure, you can spend time to explore another angel of view of this island by walking accross the island where granit form are unique in each corner of the beach. This may become your impressive experience for an island holiday.

Access to Burung Island

If you want to enjoy a quite and untouch beach in the island that almost no tourist, lets spare your time to walk accross South coast of the island to reach West coast. The track may be difficult with small rough jungle, rock blocade and trees. The walk will take about 10-15 minutes.

If you arrive in the West coast of this ialnd. the beach with calm sea at a small gulf, whoite sands and granite boulders will be scenary that yon can enjou privately. It is usually very calm place simply because need a bit more efforth to be reached. It is very quite beach with small jungle on the land.

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Comments Burung Island

  • client
    Tjitiana Tanjung
    28 Nov 2018

    very comfortable and enjoy being on this island, a nice coastal view of the granite rock which is unique and amazing, hopefully someday can come back to Belitung Island.

  • client
    28 Nov 2018

    What's interesting about this island is the bird-shaped stone which I think is really cool especially for photo spots. I think the beach is more interesting than the beach on Lengkuas island, the island is also bigger. If you want to find a cool beach that is really untouch and quiet try to the beach on the west side, walk for about 10 minutes.

  • client
    nopiandi edwar
    9 Oct 2011

    great beh ... so want to go back home again, bowing eee ........

  • client
    12 Sep 2011

    good view, unique island and highly recommended to visit if you are in Belitung