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Uniqueness of Nature Tourism


This is a newly found waterfall, not yet known as common tourist destination except for the adventure traveler. Dam Dua is located at the foot of Burung Mandi mountain in the Belitung Timur regency. It takes about 2 hours trip from main city Tanjungpandan by car. Same as previous waterfall, there are no any tourist facilities available in this place.


This waterfall is placed in Air Nangka village part of Membalong sub district. It takes about one hour trip by car from Tanjungpandan to the South, and about 2km by walk passing th forest. This waterfall is just newly found and not categorized as tourist destination yet. This is suitable place for forest trekking or adventure tour.

Description Nature Tourism

Does Belitung only have beautiful beach ? No ! Belitung reserve many other tourism potentials in land.One of them is the nature forest, mountain and river. These tourist destinations are quite easy to access only about one hour by car, so you will not lose your time on the road. However a little note to remember, the tourism facility in these areas are still limited.

Special Nature Tourism

  • Most of the places are in the virgin tropical forest
  • Explore the nature of Belitung
  • Trekking and river tubing activities
  • See variety animals in real habitate


Another waterfall in Belitung Timur regency and this one is located at Air Ruak in the center of the island. The form of this waterfall almost similar with Gurok Beraye waterfall, where the lake under the fall is quite wide. Near this place there is a simple cottages which is available for rental in case visitor want to stay. However, other infrastucture is still limited.


In the past this was the second most famous waterfall in Belitung. It is located at Bentaian village in the South East of Tanjungpandan city. It takes about 45 minutes by car to reach this location. The waterfall is quite small, it was visited by many local tourist in the past, but recently this waterfall has been very quite.

Map of Nature Tourism

Things To Do at Nature Tourism

  • Walking adventure
  • Photography hunting
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature

The following are list of nature destinations in Belitung. They are consists of waterfall, river and swimming park. When this article is written visiting these places are not yet part of out Tour Itinerary. We can provide the trip to these places based on special request.


Batu mentas is a combination of forest, river and Tarsius conservation center. Tarsius is an animal likes a small monkey where its head can turn 180 degree. This place is located in the foot of Gunung Tajam mountain, just near the river. River cubing is one of favourite activity in this place. There are restaurant and also outbound facilities that visitor can rent.


This is a nature swimming pool, placed in the little forest at Air Seruk village about 20 minutes by car from Tanjungpandan. There are several large swimming pools with large restaurant. This place combines the natural forest environment with water recreation center, and large field of tree shaded area. Tirta Marundang is a suitable place for family recreation.


This is the most famous waterfall in Belitung. It is placed at Gunong Tajam mountain 500m above sea level. Just to manage your expectation, this is not a 90 degree ordinary waterfall. The height is just about 30m, but the lake under the waterfall is quite wide and nice for swimming. When this article is written there is no facilities available in this place yet.

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  • client
    Hasan Nurrahman
    17 Jul 2015

    I really don't think that Belitung also keeps beautiful places like this. I thought it was just a beach. It's just a shame the information of these places is still very little, only available on this website. The government should build these places.