Mentikus Island Belitung

West Coast
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Rustam Effendie
West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
20 km
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28 km
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Uniqueness of Mentikus Island

The photographer of this page is Irfan A. Tachrir, a hobbyist photographer with undispute professional photo result with his wonderful gear of Canon 5D Mark II eqipped mainly with lens Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L USM Mk II. We offered him foto hunting to this place in late June 2009, he took the challenge and fantasticly he made these great photos. BelitungIsland.COM would like to sincelery thank you to Irfan who allow his photos to be published in BelitungIsland.COM.

Description Mentikus Island

This place calles Mentikus island. We call this place by ourself a Photographer Rocky Paradise because of it is a rocky paradise. Let take a look to rocks, it is different from ordinary granite boulders in Belitung, but it is in the beaches as well. It is a paradise because this place is totally un-touched by tourism industry by local community neither outsider visitors.

Special Mentikus Island

  • Rocky islands with colourful rocks
  • Formation of rock with unique shapes
  • Gusong Are, a small island with just couple of coconut trees
  • Good place for photography hunting

Map of Mentikus Island

Things To Do at Mentikus Island

  • Sailing in the area
  • Photography hunting
  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Adventure around the area

That is why for that purpose we will not expose more about this place except the pictures. BelitungIsland.COM team found this place in early 2009. After doing several exploration, we finally offer this place as photography hunting destination to 2 of our photography tour guest.

It is still trial tour program, but by looking as the result from one of our guest, this place in just FANTASTIC for landscape photography. One of the photographer has agreed to contribute his foto to be published at BelitungIsland.COM.


Facilities at Mentikus Island

The colourful rock combination with white sandy beaches and calm sea water in this "Photographer's Rocky Paradise" could probably even better to be combined with human interest, model or pre-wedding photography. These photos was taken during middle of the day between 10.00 until 14.00. There will be even more creativity can be made from this place if we take sunrise or sunset season. All copyrights of these "Photographer's Rocky Paradise" photos are with Irfan.

Access to Mentikus Island

For the purpose of maintaining the natural beauty of this place, at this moment in time BelitungIsland.COM will not expose this place for ordinary people neither ordinary tour program. For this moment we will only introduce this place only to serious photographer hunter. The "Photographer's Rocky Paradise" is not an actual name of this place, it is just for recognition purpose.

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Comments Mentikus Island

  • client
    Handis Setioko
    3 Dec 2013

    Belitung. . . I am comming. . . .

  • client
    20 Jul 2013

    In North Jakarta, in East Sumatra in West Kalimantan in South Singapore :)

  • client
    Mira Yusnita
    17 Mar 2013

    Belitong Island is a Beautiful Beach. lalamak I did not return kebelitong like e many new places that are nicer..I've been to Batu Connecting Beach More n very good n beautiful ... Guaranteed who will come to kid / back to belitong island !!!

  • client
    Firza Arsiandi
    5 Dec 2012

    Where is Belitung?

    • agent1
      20 Jul 2013

      In North Jakarta, in East Sumatra in West Kalimantan in South Singapore :)

  • client
    ika w burhan
    22 Oct 2012

    if you want to come to Batu2 for photography (photography heaven), then with a number of photo lovers going there early November, .. can you know the location?

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