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Yadi Yasin
Photo Contributor
26 May 2020

About Fotographer

Yadi Yasin, is a familiar name in the photography community, especially fans of landscape photography. We ourselves may have another name for him, he is his teacher of landscape photography. His works are extraordinary as you can see at

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More Info About Yadi Yasin

Not only his landscape photographs were captured with mature techniques and calculations, the figure of Yadi Yasin is a generous maestro to share knowledge. His expertise in landscape photography can be seen in one of the Forums, where he presents his knowledge for the benefit of learning for many lovers of landscape photography. In fact, many also learned directly from him, such as at a special photography hunting event with Yadi Yasin which was also held in Belitung.

Belitung as a morning paradise for landscape photography is also enshrined by Yadi Yasin. We also tried to ask him to take part in exhibiting his work in BelitungIsland.COM, although he was a bit excited to wait for his willingness, he finally agreed to send the photos so that they could become references for landscape photography in Belitung.

From BelitungIsland.COM we thank Yadi Yasin for dedicating his photos to be displayed on our website. By displaying the photos, we hope that visitors get new ideas to explore photography hunting points further in Belitung, and further make Belitung as the main photo hunting destination in Indonesia.

All photographs are copyright of Yadi Yasin. Duplication in any form and for any purpose is not permitted except with written permission from the photographer. Yadi Yasin became a photo contributor at BelitungIsland.COM to support the Belitung community in building its tourism industry.

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    Syarif Katili
    6 Jun 2013

    Belitung is indeed beautiful ... God willing, I got there

  • client
    21 Feb 2011

    belitung, as well as ever seeing belitung with your cynical eyes

  • client
    13 Jun 2010

    Belitung children, rainbow paramilitary children. envy those who can grow in nature and be adventurous

  • client
    6 Jun 2010

  • client
    21 Apr 2010

    I have visited many beaches but Belitung is the most oakeyy ... suer

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