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North West Coast
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North West Coast
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Uniqueness of Tukong Island

Tukong island or local people also called Tukong Kik Mai, is actually the most beautiful island among tourist destinations islands at the North West of Belitung. The unique of this island came from it share which is form likes U letter.

This U shape for a lagoon where almost no sea wave, makes this island interestin g to be explored. The lagoon is surrounded by exotic formation of granite bouders, white sand beach in the center of the lagoon and small trees and jungle among granite boulders and trees.

Description Tukong Island

Tokong Kik Mai island is about one hectare size, with configuration mostly covered by granite boulders, white sands and jangle along the U shape of the island. The lagoon is the jewel of the island and from the center of lagoon, the visitor can clearly see lighthouse of Lengkuas island facing West coast where the sunset will fall behind the lighthouse.

Special Tukong Island

  • Lagoon with no sea wave
  • Sliding granite rock near the lagoon
  • Nice view from granite hill
  • White sand beach

Othe than the lagoon, just accross the lagoon to the North there is a spot with calm sea, likes a Bidadari Lake at Lengkuas island. While if you interested to take a bit challanging track, take a walk among granite boulder to the West. Kid under 12 is not recommended to take this track for safety.

With 200m tracking path visitor will arrive at the West end of the island. In this place the is a small hill formed by a solid granite boulder with wide open sea view. From this place, visitor will see Lengkuas island at the West that you can enjoy until sunset.
Meanwhile at the East coast and South of Tukong island, on the opposite direction of the lagoon, after crossing small jangle about 50 meters, visitor will see a white sandy beach decorated by granite bouders spreading along from the beach to the sea. Yu must careful since the boulders are covered with sharp clamps that stick on the rock.

From this point we suggest you to take walk along the beach to the South where just accross the beach visitor can see Kepayang island with distance just several hunders meters away. The beach along this area is covered by very soft white sands, shadowed by big trees along the beach.

Map of Tukong Island

Things To Do at Tukong Island

  • Enjoy the beautiful nature
  • Photography hunting
  • Enjoy romantic ambience
  • Seeing the scenary

Tukong island can be visited while visitor doing island hopping trip. With upfront arrangement with boat captain you can ask to stop by at Tukong island on the way back from Lengkuas island. It takes about 15 minutes by boat from Lengkuas island.

Not every boat may available to stop by at this island. This is because it is not easy to reach the island. During high tide the boat can easily approach, and will challenging during low tide. This island is surrounder by coral reef that makes the sea arround the beach is shallow and can damage the boat.

You can also come to this island during low tide, but the boat must stop far from shore and you must walk in the water about as deep as hip of adult walking about 100 meters to reach the isand.

Even though the trip may sound difficult, the scenary promised by Tukong island will not disappoint every visitor. Swimming in the middle of lagoon will give you a nice photo that you can proud to share in the social media.


Facilities at Tukong Island

There is no any facility available at Tukong island when this article is created in Dec 2018, except a small wooden cottage that build by a person who claim as owner of this island. But visitor can freely access this island and no charge. Since this island is not properly managed, visitor may find plastic trashes that arrived in this island flown by current from open sea.

At North West coast of the island there are formation of giant granite boulder forming a separate island from Tukong island even though just 100 meters away. The unique of this boulder is the formation where on top of giant boulder that forming a small island there is a small rock for like an egg with size as high a human. This egg rock is one one piece stuck on the top. This rock makes local people call this island as Batu Telur (Egg Rock).

Access to Tukong Island

As written above access to Tukong island can be used using rental boat while visitor doing island hopping trip to Lengkuas island. Other that that, during maximum low tide season, Tukong island can be reach by walking from Kepayang island. It is just about 500 meters away. you can walk on the sand that usually covered by sea during high tide.

If you do this, one thing that you must remember is the time of high tide. If you spend to long time at the island while the sea surface is getting higher, you may end up can not leave the island because to come back with the same way, the path iwll be covered by sea water that may as deep as 2 meters.

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Comments Tukong Island

  • client
    Alsa R.
    15 Dec 2018

    From the video, this island is really cool, I think, like Phiphi island in Phuket. The stones are also unique there are perched but not falling. If you go to Belitung again, you will definitely go to this island.

  • client
    Silvana Iskandar
    28 Nov 2018

    Gusong Bugis Beach is really suitable for seeing the sunset, because the Gusong Bugis Coast line is leaning more west than Tanjungpendam so when we see the sunset it feels so close and amazing.