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Asep Irwan Gunawan
North Coast
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Description Batu Bedil

Beach tourism on Belitung Island has always been the main destination for travelers. The beauty of the beach in Belitong does indeed make anyone stunned. One of the beaches that will also fascinate tourists is Batu Bedil Beach in Sungai Padang Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency.

Special Batu Bedil

  • There are sounds like guns or cannons during high tides
  • There are three clusters of rocks that have cannon-like formations
  • Have white sand, clear water and large granite rocks
  • There is a heart-shaped love stone located on the east side of the Rocky Beef Beach

Because it is still beautiful, you are required to maintain the cleanliness and sustainability of the beach. Especially if you decide to camp or camping, it is strongly recommended that you do not leave rubbish and also former fires that are still burning because they can cause land fires.

Map of Batu Bedil

Things To Do at Batu Bedil

  • Swimming
  • Playing in the beach
  • Snorkeling on the coral
  • Photography hunting

There are two versions that make this beach called Batu Bedil Beach. The first version states that the name of the rifle stone is because here there is a thump of a rifle or cannon that visitors can hear. The sound of the cannon (rifle) itself emerged from the waves of the beach which struck two large granite pits. Besides the sound of a bang on the beach also emerged from several granite stones when hit. The second version states that the name of the rifle stone is caused because this beach has 3 parallel stone clusters that form a formation similar to a cannon arrangement (rifle). Interestingly from the three clusters of rock that form cannon formations, between these rocks are separated by three different things. In the first and second stone clusters separated by white sand, while the second and third rock formations are separated by mangrove trees. Among the three existing bridges by the local community then made a simple bridge to connect.

In addition to white sand and clear water, such as beaches in the western part of Belitung, Batu Bedil Beach has the characteristics of large granite rocks. This beach itself has a view of Limau Seri Island in front of it. Palau Limau Seri itself can be visited by crossing it over a sand bridge. At this beach also presents a snorkeling spot not far from the beach. Another uniqueness of Batu Bedil Beach is the presence of heart-shaped granite stones. The heart-shaped stone which is then called the love stone in Batu Bedil Beach has a diameter of one meter. You can find this love stone in the East coast of Batu Bedil Beach. Although still a mystery, this love stone is also a special attraction for visitors to Batu Bedil Beach.


Facilities at Batu Bedil

This beautiful beach is unfortunately not yet supported by adequate facilities. So for those of you who want to come here, it is advisable to bring supplies, equipment and supplies of food and drink yourself from home or departure.

Access to Batu Bedil

Batu Bedil Beach is located in Sungai Padang Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency. To reach the beach location, you have to go through unpaved roads. The road will be more difficult to pass during the rainy season. This is because in the rainy season, the road becomes muddy. When the road is muddy, it is recommended that you use an off-road car to get through it well.

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Comments Batu Bedil

  • client
    16 Nov 2018

    This beach is still quiet and the access is quite far, but the atmosphere is still original. There are some unique things like the story of poisonous wells, the sound of guns and there are several small islands around it.