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North West Coast
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North West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
34 km
Distance to Airport
33 km
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Uniqueness of Dedaun Village

Kampong Dedaun provides Guest House facilities with one room and one living room for those of you who are interested in staying overnight in a place to stay overlooking the beach at a very economical cost. The guest house can be rented for IDR 300,000 per night, including breakfast for 2 people, free kayaking and bicycle use during your stay. The guest house does not provide air conditioning facilities, but uses fans. If you are interested, please contact us at +62 719 22 890.

Description Dedaun Village

Kampong Dedau public recreation beach is a place specifically built by the Belitung Holiday Network group to entertain package tour guests and tourists. The concept of Kampong Dedaun is a simple beach that can be enjoyed while relaxing with quite complete beach tourism facilities. Our goal is to provide a location where visitors can enjoy the beach in a relaxed manner.

Special Dedaun Village

  • White sand beach with shady trees
  • Kayaking and renting a boat for snorkeling
  • Gazebo, sun lounger and facilities to enjoy the beach
  • Restaurant with a special culinary menu

Kampong Dedaun is designed for group activities, reunions, team building and other events. During the day, we can organize various games on the beach and in the meadow for your group, including lunch and coffee breaks. Team building is more lively with various competitions using the available kayaks.

Map of Dedaun Village

Things To Do at Dedaun Village

  • Playing in the beach
  • Snorkeling on the coral
  • Fine dining service
  • Playing together
  • Snorkeling on the coral
  • Fine dining service
  • Playing together

Kampong Dedaun is located 3km east of Tanjung Tinggi beach, consisting of a white sand beach with views of granite rocks in the middle of the sea. Even though there are no granite rocks, shady trees are planted along the beach. Under shady trees on white sand, visitors can relax on sun-lungers, cloth chairs, garden chairs or gazebos.
For water sports facilities, kayak (canoe) rental is available for one or two people. For safety, life jackets are also provided. Kayaking on the calm sea is quite exciting. Many visitors feel challenged to compete to reach the granite rocks which are located in the middle of the sea at a distance of about 1km from the beach. Apart from kayaks, bicycle rental facilities are also available.
Pamper your taste buds on the beach
Another interesting thing about Kampong Dedaun is that visitors can relax while enjoying delicious dishes from the restaurants available. The main building of the Kampong Dedaun complex is a restaurant with an open design, so visitors can enjoy the beach atmosphere from the restaurant. At the front of the restaurant there is a stage and an open garden, so the restaurant is often also used as a venue for performances or barbecue parties at night with a music stage. The menu provided is a combination of typical fresh Belitung seafood menus and other Indonesian national menus.


Facilities at Dedaun Village

Meanwhile, at night, Kampong Dedaun is the most suitable place for a barbecue party accompanied by music on a specially designed stage. Kampong Dedaun provides a variety of dinner and barbeque menus. Interactive musical accompaniment allows you to be directly involved as a performer, while the atmosphere is more festive with brightly designed lighting. As an option, the evening festivities can be complemented by a bonfire, fireworks display over the sea and the release of lanterns.

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Comments Dedaun Village

  • client
    16 Nov 2018

    A cool place to relax on the beach, the food is delicious, especially grilled squid and gangan, a must try. The location is right next to the Santika hotel, the shady beach atmosphere is suitable for relaxing on the beach if you don't want to overheat.

  • client
    11 Apr 2016

    We ordered lunch in the restaurant, so tasty and spicy, the most recommended fish soup called GANGAN (non gangam), fresh and spicy. Take you lunch at the gazebo by the beach so relaxing, you can just sleep after eating, or take a kayak to play around in a calm wave beach

  • client
    Yenny Kwan
    27 May 2015

    If you want to feel the calm atmosphere of enjoying the beach without being disturbed by other visitors passing by, then Kampong Dedaun is the place you fly to go. The beaches of putis sand are usually no granite, but they are clean and tidy. There are 4 gazebos and sun loungers that can be used as a sleeping mat under shady trees by the beach.