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Uniqueness of Mangrove Kuale

The wooden dock will then turn right, stright along the main river for 500 meters long with majestic scene of mangrove jungle on the right. While on the left a calm river flow smoothly to the estuary picturing another beauty of this destination.

While across the river another scene of Mangrove jungle combined with nature sound of birds and other animals are the natural entertainment that visitor can enjoy. There are many corner that can be used for photo spot, including a stop where mangrove tree freely rose above the bridge in the middle of the dock.


Not enough with walking along the dock, there are other activity that you may want to try, which is taking kayak made from simple wood to take adventure accross the river. Kayaking in the river with almost no wave is the cool experience you should enjoy in this destination.

Before reaching the end of the dock for almost 500 meter walking in the middle of mangrove jungle, there are another turn point to the right into inside of magrove jungle. There is a rest stop and couple of good photo spot forming by rocks that you should not missed to be captured.

Just by 50 meter walking visitor will arrive at a hill covered by big trees that is quite interesting to be visited. On the thill visitor can have full view of the area and taking a rest after walking for quite long time. There are some small coffee shops where you can buy drink, snacks and even taking lunch.

Description Mangrove Kuale

Did you ever explore the mangrove jungle ? In Belitung there is a place called Kuale Mangrove tourism place in Sijok village of Belitung. Kuale is a new destination originated and built by local community of village to preserve mangrove jungle as well as building new destination for visitor who spend their holiday in Belitung.

Special Mangrove Kuale

  • Mangrove jungle with river tunnel
  • Long wooden brige to explore the mangrove
  • Taking wooden canue explore the river
  • Story about traditional Sijuk society


Arriving at the Mangrove Kuale, visitior will cross the samm river that flows to the estuary. About 100 m from the main street, visitor will be welcomed by a sign board with the words Mangrove Kuale. From this place the scenary of mangrove trees along the wooden bridge, do not forget your social media activity to take selfie pictures for upload. When this article is written, there is no entering fee to this location, instead the organizer place a donation box in case you are interested to support conservation of this place.

From this place you will walk all along wooden dock that built by people of Sijuk village while enjoying the beauty of mangove jungle all arround the corner. About 100 meters after sign board you will find a cross with small leaf roof cottage that is quite good for photo spot.

Map of Mangrove Kuale

Things To Do at Mangrove Kuale

  • Adventure around the area
  • Walking adventure
  • Seeing the scenary
  • Enjoy romantic ambience

Located 7 km from the famous Tanjung Tinggi beach and 3.6 km from Kampong Dedaun, the Mangrove Kuale is the newly build destination that can be easily reached. Just direct your vehicle to Sijuk village at the East part of Tanjung Tinggi. Since there is no traffic jam in Belitung, you may just need 10 minutes to reach this destination.

Before arrive at Magrove Kuale destination, after crossing the big bridge that cross big river entering Sijuk village, there are two spots that you may not want to miss to stop. Those two places represent tolerance of the religion in Belitung. The first place is Kong Fu Chu temple that commonly named Klenteng Sijuk. Not far from this spot there is an ols mosque names Al Ikhlas, a wooden made mosque built in 1817.


This Negeri Sembilan term is nothing related to the name of country in Malaysia. Negeri Sembilan is the coolname of old village that consist of 9 houses in Sijuk village. Entering this village visitor will see nine old wooden styly house with typical malah architecture. Some of the houses are almost collapsed. This village has been there for five generations.

Malay style influences is strong in the culture of Belitung. The old style architecture in this place is the prove. Sijuk is a place that had been mentioned in history of Belitung prior colonial era. During the presence of Badau empire in 13th century, Sijuk who led by Wangsa Yuda is one of the main district as part of Badau who led by a king named Rangga Yuda.


Facilities at Mangrove Kuale


The following are some important items that visitor must aware when visiting Mangrove Kuale Sijok destination:

- Please take extra care when walking on the dock. The root of mangrove that emerge from underground are sharp and can make you seriously injured.

- The bottom of the river is muddy. Never think of jumping into the river whille walking accross the dock, very deangerous.

- Please take care your children with extra precautions. Not all bridge equipped with railing, so please keep on eye to your children.

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  • client
    30 Mar 2018

    Very cool and natural around mangrove trees that are still beautiful, is there a crocodile or not?