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Uniqueness of Art and Culture

Art and Culture of Belitung is influenced by coastal Malay culture with a lot of similarity to Easter coast of Sumatera, Malay peninsula and West Kalimantan. Belitung language has a lot of similarity with Malaysian language.

Some key authenthic culture is still performed by people of Belitung. The most attractive is Beripat, a martial art show where two man fight using a stick made from rattan. Another attractive perfromancer show is CampakLaut, a magic dancing ritual by people of Sawang tribe. Variety of dancing show starting from traditional Sepen dance to contemporary malay dance, until a unie show called Stambul Fajar.

Not only performance show. people of Belitung also make variety of handycraft, starting from leaf made carpet (tikar), rattan bags and artifacts, until choiches of souvenir sold in many shops in Tanjung Pandan.

Description Art and Culture

Visiting unique place such as Belitung, it would be good if you can find something special, likes souvenir. Before you got disappointed, honestly we would like to tell you that souvenir in Belitung is still very limited, meaning the souvenir industry still not yet exist likes in Bali or Jogja. This is caused by minimum number of visitor in Belitung.

Special Art and Culture

  • Satam Stone belief as meteorit from Belitung
  • Variety of handycraft made from the sea
  • Malay cultural art style
  • Variety of seafood culinary


As you can see from above photo, Satam is a black stone likes ordinary stone for jewerly. The uniques about Satam is random nature carving on its surface, and this is the unique thing about Satam. According to local people, Satam stone that called Billitonite by dutch collony, can only be found in Belitung. People said Satam came from asteroid who fall in Belitung thousands of years ago and burried into underground.
Satam stone was found when tin minng company start their operation in Belitung. Satam came up to surface all together with sands dig by tin mining machine. Accidently, it is later than found by tin mining workers. Because of its unique carving in its surface, people use this stone for jewerly for ring or neckles. Satam can be found in jewerly stores in Belitung.

Map of Art and Culture

Things To Do at Art and Culture

  • Shopping unique handycraft and culinary
  • Gathering with friends
  • Enjoy traditional cuisines
  • Dining and enjoy the entertainment

We expect people likes you who reading this website and decide to visit Belitung will create more demand for souvenir industry in Belitung to become growing.

Despite above condition, there is always a creative person in every place. Regardless they can make money or not, they will create something unique from their place. In this page, we would like to share information about creativity of people from Belitung, please click tab THINGS TO DO.


Facilities at Art and Culture


It is actually an ordinary seafood chips snack likes you can find from other areas. The difference, these chips are made from several types of seafood. There is fish chips, prawn chips and calamary chips. Since there are many seafood in Belitung, the taste of Kerupuk Belitung more likes original made from fish, prawn or calamary. These chips can easlily found in shops in Tanjungpandan or Manggar.


As you can see from the pictures, there are many colourful and funny handicraft made from shell. It can can be formed likes a bird, turtle, horse, etc. Those shell collected from beaches of Belitung and after it then connected one each other by glue. It is quite nice to placed in the table of wardrobe. You can find this handycraft from KUKM shop in Tanjungpandan.


It is a kind of condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or small fish. Balacan or terasi is only special for people, maily Indonesia, who enjoy terasi sauce that usually consume with vegetables. The famous terasi from Belitung come from Sijok (Sijuk) village. Because probably it is made from fresh shrimp, terasi from Sijok is special taste compare to terasi from other areas. The package of terasi from Sijok is also uniques. It is made from Lais leaf,
the same material used for leaf carpet, also made by people of Belitung village. Belacan Belitong (Terasi) can be easily found in shops or local market in Tanjungpandan.

Access to Art and Culture


People from Jakarta call it Abon Ikan (shredded fish that has been boiled and fried), because is is more likes abon that sauce (sambal). But, people of Belitung classify this as sauce because the taste is a bit spicy. Sambal Lingkong made from shredded Tenggiri fish mixed with spice with chilli and coconut, and then cooked together likes fried without oil until they are all dry. The taste can be very spicy.
People of Belitung cook Sambal Lingkong in every Idul Fitri festival to be consumed together with Ketupat (rice cake bilded in a shombu-shape packet of plaited young coconut leaves). Sambal Lingkong (Abon Ikan) can easily found at local markets in Tanjungpandan and Manggar.


Rattan handycraft can be your special souveneer from Belitung, eventhough similar handycraft may be found from other places in Indonesia. There are several items such as: rattan basket, carpet leaf or Tudung Saji (to cover food on the table). Rattan handycraft can only be found in villages in rural area of Belitung. If you are interested, we sugest you to place order in advance.

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