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Tanjung Pandan
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Uniqueness of Seni Beripat

History and History

Based on some authentic historical evidence or sources, actually Beripat Beregong is not yet known when it emerged. But according to an oral source, it is said that the art of Belitung has existed since the time of the Badau Kingdom. A local story states that Beripat Beregong emerged from the story in Kelekak Gelanggang village or now Desa Mentigi. So in the past there was a beautiful girl in the village who made many men want to ask for her hand. Because many men came to propose, then these men agreed to hold a martial arts competition. This self-defense is carried out using tools in the form of rattan. The martial arts that came to be known as Beripat Beregong were given the rule that beatings had to be carried out on the opponent's back. The winner of the match who is able to marry the girl is determined who did not get a hit or at least received a back blow.

Description Seni Beripat

Belitung Island does not only have awesome natural tourist charm. But Belitung also has a variety of interesting traditions and arts. One of the interesting traditions and arts that you can watch in Belitung is Beripat Beregong. Beripat Beregong itself is a typical Belitung martial art that is carried out using a rattan hammer.

Special Seni Beripat

  • Has a long history since the Kingdom of Badau
  • There is a legend about the proposal for a boy to a village girl
  • Is a genuine martial art of Belitung
  • Action Beregong Beregong always invites many curious people to see

Players, Elders and Separators

After the Balaiegegegungan and musical instruments were ready and ready, it was then presented by the traditional leaders, the separator and the recording of the number of beatings. Then the next, then called the men who will play Beripat Beregong. Before competing, the men themselves will meet with the elders and be asked where they come from. This question is needed so that there is no resentment between villages. The Rules of Beregong Beregong indeed require that the men who compete must not come from a compatible village. If these rules are fulfilled then the game will start immediately.

Map of Seni Beripat

Things To Do at Seni Beripat

  • Culture and tradition
  • Watching the show
  • Learning history
  • Photography hunting

The word Beripat itself comes from the word Ripat which means to whip or hit with a tool. Meanwhile, the word Beregong comes from the word Gong, which means the instrument used to accompany this game. From the typical Belitung martial arts there are indeed music sounds throughout the game. Beregong Beregong itself is not just a game or martial action. Because actually this art will be able to reflect the manhood of a Belitung man. Although there is a whip race using rattan, the unique Beripat Beregong was intentionally held with the aim of strengthening relations between villages.

In its development now, Beripat Beregong has expanded to general public activities such as thanksgiving and also art-cultural activities such as the celebration of Maras Taun and Kampung District. Indeed, if compared to the past, the implementation of Beripat Beregong has decreased. The rare implementation of Beregong Bereg is not without reason. Because when going to organize Beripat Beregong there are many things that need to be prepared. Some of the most difficult things when going to hold Beregong Beregong is to build a Balai Peregongan which is about 6-7 meters high. In addition, in the organization of this Beregong Beregong, several musical instruments are also needed to be raised to the Balaiegegungan.


Facilities at Seni Beripat

Fold game

Beregong Beregong game itself is usually played at night. The game starts with a shaman who asks the player to take off his upper garment and wear a cloth headband. The player's left hand itself will be wrapped or bound kebat which serves to deflect the opponent's punch. Beripatong Beregong game itself is done with the rules not to attack the waist down or head. Because the calculation or assessment that can be counted is only about the back. The winner himself is the player who was not hit by the back or who received the fewest blows.

Access to Seni Beripat

Start a Beregong Fold Game

As mentioned earlier that to hold Beripat Beregong is not easy. Because Beregong Beregong does need a lot of things to prepare. In addition to the establishment of a 6-7 meter high Peregongan Center, Beripat Beregong also needs several musical instruments such as gongs, chunks, kelinang, tawak-tawak, drums and gamelan which must be raised to the Peregongan Hall. To raise these musical instruments themselves must obtain permission and be led by the customary leader or heir of the gong owner. Rattan in the form of 1.30 cm rattan also must not be forgotten. The rattan weapon itself before being used will be rubbed using water that has been given a spell or mantra. Miraculously, with the presence of this water spell, the players will not feel pain when hit.

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