Pasir Panjang Belitung

Mendanau Island
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Asep Irwan Gunawan
Mendanau Island
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
39 km
Distance to Airport
51 km
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Uniqueness of Pasir Panjang

In this Pasir Panjang beach you can do some interesting activities and activities such as:

  • Enjoy the view of Pasir Panjang Beach which is still natural and sustainable.
  • Swim optimally because the water is clear and the waves are not large.
  • Take a walk around the beach to find mangroves.
  • With a calm atmosphere then you can also relax to the maximum to eliminate boredom and fatigue.
  • Play white sand beach and hard textured.
  • Head to Lima Island in front of Pasir Panjang Beach for optimal fishing.
  • Capture all the panoramas and all the activities while you are here with a camera for remembrance.

Description Pasir Panjang

One of the beautiful beaches on Belitung Island as well as the only beach in the Nasik Strait that you can visit here is Pasir Panjang Beach. Of course, with all the exoticism that this beach has, it will make every visitor feel at home. So there is no reason to come to Pasir Panjang Beach on your vacation on Belitung Island.

Special Pasir Panjang

  • Has a hard white sand beach texture
  • The sea water is fairly clear and blue
  • The atmosphere is calm and optimal for leisure activities
  • There are mangrove forests and several views of the island in front of the beach

Pasir Panjang beach which is still preserved makes you stay here while required to maintain cleanliness. You are also prohibited from making damage in the whole Pasir Panjang tourist area.

Map of Pasir Panjang

Things To Do at Pasir Panjang

  • Playing in the beach
  • Swimming
  • Drinking and relaxing
  • Adventure around the area

The beaches in the Nasik Strait are somewhat unique. This is because Pasir Panjang Beach has a different beach sand than most of the sand beaches in Belitung. So the sand of Pasir Panjang does feel hard textured. This hard texture sand itself is combined with exotic colors that are white. In addition to beach sand, here is also a hill dish located to the left of the beach. Meanwhile, the sea water itself is fairly clear and blue. For those of you who want to relax and get rid of boredom, Pasir Panjang Beach will be very qualified. Because the atmosphere at Pasir Panjang Beach is quite calm and peaceful because not many tourists know and come here.
Another interesting sight that you usually enjoy on Pasir Panjang Beach is the presence of shady mangroves. Not only that, looking to the front of the beach, you can also see the panorama of Langir Island, which is no less beautiful. And about 2 miles from Pasir Panjang Beach, you can also find Pulau Lima. You who like fishing and diving (diving) then you can go to Lima Island which is indeed a fishing spot and many fish are found. The preservation of nature on this beach will certainly make you even more comfortable being here. The fresh air makes your activities more exciting and enjoyable in Pasir Panjang Beach.


Facilities at Pasir Panjang

Because not many people have touched, the facilities at Pasir Panjang Beach are still minimal. Here you can only find shelter only. Meanwhile, for food stalls and restaurants, you can only find it in the town of Kecamatan. From this situation, then you who plan to go to Pasir Panjang Beach are advised to bring supplies and also food and beverage supplies from the place of departure.

Access to Pasir Panjang

The trip to Pasir Panjang Beach is quite difficult, because of the winding roads. In addition, the location behind the forest, in the Nasik Strait, requires you to struggle through challenging terrain. However, this adventure will be exciting and will pay off after you arrive at Pasir Panjang Beach.

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