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Asep Irwan Gunawan
West Belitung
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Uniqueness of Buang Jong

The procession of Buang Jong began by doing Berasik, namely calling on spirits with prayer readings by the traditional leaders of the Sawang Tribe. When this procession is carried out there will be changes in natural phenomena such as sea waves that suddenly enlarged or blowing strong winds. After Berasik, the Buang Jong procession continued with the Ancak Dance which took place in the forest.

This dance is performed by a man by shaking a replica of the frame of the house in the four cardinal directions. With the accompaniment of the sounds of gongs and drums, this dance was performed with the aim of inviting the spirit of the lord of the sea so that later at the peak of the procession he could join in. Ancak dance itself ends with the dancer who climbs a high pole (jitun) with possession.

Description Buang Jong

The Sawang tribe which is a traditional community on Belitong Island is known to have a unique tradition called Buang Jong. Because in the past the Sawang Tribe always lived in the ocean, the Buang Jong tradition was also related to the sea. One of the ceremonies that is usually a beach area can be seen at Tanjung Pendam, Tanjung Pandan District, Belitung Regency.

Special Buang Jong

  • Performed by the Sawang Tribe who used to live always at sea
  • Form of presentation and application to the maritime authority
  • It is a longstanding and legendary tradition
  • Having many stages of the procession before the peak ceremony, which is the melar

The next stage of Buang Jong is buying and selling jong. This stage, the Sawang Tribe will carry out transactions with people on land. Interestingly, this buying and selling activity is done not using money but by the method of bartering or exchanging goods. The procession of buying and selling jong itself has meanings and meanings for the Sawang tribe and land people, namely friendship and harmony. At this event there was also an agreement between the Sawang Tribe and the land people to support each other and submit requests. The agreement, which was mediated by the shaman, contained a request from the Sawang tribe not to be enemies when they were on land and land people who requested that the sea people get a lot of luck to be able to meet their food needs.

Map of Buang Jong

Things To Do at Buang Jong

  • Culture and tradition
  • Watching the show
  • Learning history
  • Photography hunting

In local terms Buang Jong means releasing or throwing a small boat (Jong) into the sea. In this jong itself there are some offerings (offerings) and also ancak (a kind of replica of the framework of the house that symbolizes a place to live). The Buang Jong tradition, which is carried out by the Sawang Tribe, is usually carried out between August - November. In those months the winds and sea waves are large because there is a western monsoon that blows. Now when the winds of the West monsoon, the Sawang tribe feels that the time has come to make a sea barrel known as Buang Jong as a form of offering to the sea authorities.

Aside from being an offering to the sea lord, the Buang Jong tradition is carried out with the aim of asking for protection from the sea lord so that he is always protected from disasters when fishing and fishing. The Buang Jong ceremony, which culminates in a miniature vessel and its offerings, has a procession that is long enough to last between two days and two nights. After the peak procession, namely the banning of offerings and miniature ships, the Sawang people will be prohibited from going to sea for the next three days.


Facilities at Buang Jong

The next Remove Jong show is Beluncong which is a special activity of singing the Tribe's songs with simple musical accompaniment. The last stage before the summit of miniature boats and miniature boats was Through the remembrance of the spirits of the dead by singing.

Access to Buang Jong

The dance that was also performed in a series of Buang Jong processions was the Sambang Tali Dance. For this dance, it is played by a group of men who perceive the lives of fishermen in the ocean. Furthermore, Buang Jong will continue with the Numbak Mermaid ritual by tying a rope to a spear while chanting the mantra. After the Mermaid Numbak, the Buang Jong procession continued with fishing in the sea. If then the fish that are lured are obtained in large quantities, then the person who is fishing is forbidden to wash their hands in the sea.

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