Kepayang Island Belitung

North West Coast
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North West Coast
HAS Hananjoeddin
Distance to Tanjung Pandan
27 km
Distance to Airport
40 km
Enterance fee
IDR 20,000

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Uniqueness of Kepayang Island

Pulau Kelayang is actually a Center of Turtle Conservation in Belitung. You can see the incubation tank of turtle at the center of the island. This the second island where there is people living, other than Lengkuas. They are the officer who working for this turtle conservation.

There is a simple lodge for visitor who want to stay in this island. It consists of several simple cottages with simple facility, but clean. All cottages face the strait to Tukong island at the Northern coast. During low tide visitor can cross to Tokong island by just walking along 200 meters over low tide sea.

Another interesting facility at Kepayang island is a Dive Center that provides rental of diving equipments, including dive guide if needed. At the dive center location, there is restaurant that provide variety of seafood menus. There is also clean water and toilet facilities where visitor can wash the body from salt water after swimming in the sea.

Description Kepayang Island

Kepayang is the largest island among several exotic islands in the North cost of West Belitung. This island was also called Babi (pig) island. The size of the land is about 14 hectares with nice beaches surrounding the coast. From mainland of Belitung, this island can be seen from West coast of Tanjung Kelayang.

Special Kepayang Island

  • The largest island in the area
  • There is a restaurant for lunch during island hopping
  • Walking cross to Tukong and Babi Kecil island during low tide
  • Turtle concervation island

Map of Kepayang Island

Things To Do at Kepayang Island

  • Swimming
  • Playing in the beach
  • Sailing in the area
  • Snorkeling on the coral

The visitor usually rent a boat from Tanjung Kelayang port, by just 10 minutes trip they will reach this island. The more popular stop over place is usually Pasir island. Pasir island is actually extension of the Kepayang island, just several meter the Northern part of Pasir island. The white sand in the South East of Kepayang - several hundred meters from Pulau Pasir - is one of the place for visitor to land their boat, especially during low tide.

The white sand beach spreads over along South coast of the island for abougt 300 meters long. In the land, only coconut plants fill most of the land. While in the North East the beach is not so interesting since its surface occupied by hard and slipery coral rocks. In the South coast facing Pasir Island is the best beach in Kepayang island. The bottom of the sea accross the shore is filled in with sandy surface. At this moment, there is no any single building yet in this South coast, except several big trees that can be used as shade for visitors to enjoy the beach.


Facilities at Kepayang Island

If you need to find a place to wash your buddy or taking shower with fresh water, Pulau Kepayang provide this facility for you. Not only that, they also provide coffee and snack. The restaurant is pretty descent, they serve variety of seafood if you decide to take lunch in this place. The enterance fee to visit this island is applied to use those wash and shower facilites.

Access to Kepayang Island

Meanwhile the beach and sea surrounding is also facinating. There are several group of exotic formation of granite boulders along the beach and sea along West Coast. In front of dive center there is little gulf, white sand beach facing Lengkuas island lighthouse, a perfect place to enjoy sunset.

The last interesting spot is a small island just adjacent at the South West coast. This island names as Babi Kecil. The size is just about two times a tennis court filled up with coconut trees along the beach and granite boulders that cover almost all surface of this island. The sea surrounding is decorated with nice coral reef, a perfect place for snorkeling.

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