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If your vacation ends in the feeling of being lazy to return home, this means that your vacation is a heavy success. Now one of the natural attractions in Belitung that can make you feel at home and lazy to go home is Gurok Beraye Waterfall. Let's take a peek at what makes this waterfall a success that makes you lazy to go home.

The uniqueness of the Guray Beraye Waterfall

When you first hear about the waterfall, what first comes to your mind? High waterfalls, swift water flow, rocky rocks or clear springs? There will definitely be lots of images of waterfalls that cross your mind. Now along with this one waterfall, you will be taken to another definition of a waterfall.

If usually the swift flow of water or the height of a waterfall is an attractive factor, this is different from the Gurok Beraye Waterfall. This waterfall is not too high or steep. Even the water flow is not swift. The flow of water flows between the rocks so it looks very artistic at all. Do not believe? Try to take your time to visit this one waterfall huh ..

Snorkeling at Gurok Beraye Waterfall

When reading the subheadings above, do you feel strange? Naturally, considering snorkeling is more identical if done in coastal waters right? But the fact is you really can snorkel in the Beraye Gurok Waterfall, you know. This waterfall really has super clear water. Not just clear but really super clear. You can even see small fish and the river bottom. Just imagine the river below the waterfall has a depth of about 1.5 meters and you can see the bottom with the naked eye. Very super right?

If you set foot in Gurok Beraye Waterfall, then believe me you will not be able to stand still on the ground. There is not a single tourist who rejects the charm of clear water and the hordes of small fish at the bottom of the river. In addition to enjoying the excitement of snorkeling, many tourists also take an underwater selfie at Gurok Beraye Waterfall. Do you want to try it?

How to get to the Guray Beraye Waterfall

After knowing about the uniqueness and excitement that you can enjoy in this cool waterfall, surely you can not wait to get here right? Relax, the waterfall located in Air Pegantung Hamlet, Kacang Botor Village, Badau District is located right on the slopes of Mount Sharp. The location of this waterfall is located about 32 km to the east of the City of Tanjung Pandan.

To get to Gurok Beraye Waterfall, you have to board a jeep or a 4x4 (four wheel drive) car and continue on foot. Although the road conditions are rocky with a fairly challenging slope, but you will not feel tired anyway. The scenery along the way will amaze you. You will be hypnotized by the dense forest in this Gunung Sharp area. Not to mention you will be greeted with a herd of monkeys and if you are lucky you can hear the sound of sipongang you know.

Well the initial journey from the city of Tanjung Pandan entering the Gunung Tajam forest area will end at the end of the road. You can park the vehicle in this place and continue the journey on foot. Even though from this review a little it seems that the terrain is quite heavy but in fact this field is still suitable for children too. So you can bring your beloved family for a vacation to Gurok Beraye Waterfall.

FYI, visitors are free of charge to be able to enjoy the beauty of Gurok Beraye Waterfall. But considering there is no good management, then you must be prepared to be prepared about food and the need to defecate because there are no food stalls and also toilets in this waterfall tour.

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