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What is not in Belitung?

Before you become so interested in the photos here and can't wait to visit Belitung, we want to tell an honest story for you to know. It seems that this statement is not popular for websites that promote tourism, but we want to make sure you don't expect too much.

Belitung is very different from Bali, even though the two islands are about the same size. The tourism industry is still not running compared to Bali. At present, there are only a few star-rated hotels in Tanjungpandan, the largest city in Belitung and jasmine-class hotels in Manggar, the capital of East Belitung, the second city in Belitung.

Further information about the hotel can be found here. However, hotel standards there are okay, 2, 3 and 4 star ratings. Please see the FAQ reference for more information on the following hotels from our Tour Packages.

If you like shopping, forget it. You don't find shops with unique items like Bali or Yogyakarta. There are many shops selling typical Belitung food such as crackers, forest honey, pempek, shrimp paste, and salted fish. Handicrafts are still not common in Belitung, although Belitung actually also has a unique handicraft made from rattan and lais leaf mats. However, don't worry there are many shops that sell food and you can also buy various necessities at a large supermarkets in Tanjungpandan.

Evening entertainment ? Still limited, except at hotels in the beach area maybe you can enjoy live music and pubs. Or if you are traveling in a group, the hotel can arrange musical performances especially for you. This might be a little difficult if you go alone, but it might be an exciting time to go with a partner. For groups, you can arrange various activities through the hotel such as: campfire parties and barbecues by the beach.

Western food? Of course, this is a place where you rethink how delicious your daily food is at home, because we have never found a restaurant that offers western-style food. Of course you can still find bread in the store, but food like sandwitch, burger, pasta and salad are still not available. Meanwhile, for those of you who like seafood, you have come to the right place. A variety of seafood is available, except popular ones such as lobster. Why ? because all seafood in Belitung is taken from the high seas, while lobsters are generally taken from fish farms that are not yet available in Belitung. Indonesian food is generally found in restaurants there and there are many restaurants that sell Padang cuisine in the city. If you are western, I suggest contacting the hotel and asking them to arrange suitable food before you go there.

Taxi? Yes, it only started operating since July 2014. If you arrive in Belitung or maybe before leaving, be sure to make a car rental booking, because this is a must. You cannot use public transportation during your visit. Car rental prices are not expensive, cheaper than in Bali. Car rental prices for minibuses such as the Toyota Kijang are Rp. 350,000. Please look at the FAQ, for more information about transportation in Belitung.

Surfing? No, the waves aren't enough. Look at the photos, the sea water is so clear, meaning that there are almost no waves. Other activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat are also not yet available. This place is also still not famous for diving activities. However, if you are interested in diving activities, I suggest you to see Belitung Underwater Photos to see the underwater potential in Belitung.

Okay friends, the rest is beauty. Look at the beach and tell me if you get a place like this anywhere else in the world. This place is completely different from Bali, so much better than the man-made beaches on the island of Sentosa in Singapore, or the beaches in Anyer west of Jakarta.

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