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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Following are things that are often asked by participants who want to join the Tour Package program from BelitungIsland.COM. If you still need further explanation, please contact us here . The following are questions that we often receive from visitors about the tour packages we offer.

  1. Why should a Tour Package, isn't it cheaper to go alone ?
  2. What facilities are provided in the Tour Package ?
  3. How do you get BelitungIsland.COM Travel Package offers ?
  4. Can we get a tour package offer via email ?
  5. How do I get a plane ticket ?
  6. What facilities are not included in the Tour Package ?
  7. Can we arrange the Tour itinerary on our own ?
  8. Is the itinerary very binding ?
  9. I want to hunt photos in Belitung, is there any special treatment ?
  10. Are there additional costs for the programs that we set up by ourselves ?
  11. Can we bargain for the Tour Package price ?
  12. How do you adjust the price of the tour package with our budget ?
  13. Can the price go down if we reduce the room to an extra bed ?
  14. Are there special prices for children ?
  15. How to pay ?
  16. How much do we have to pay ?
  17. For the morning itinerary flight, why do we have to pay extra to rent a car for the return flight using the afternoon plane ?

If the FAQ above does not provide a satisfactory answer for you, please send additional questions via this form . Make sure the email you include is correct, because we will send an answer to your email.

  1. If you have ever been to Belitung and you are concerned about the difference in cost of less than one hundred two hundred thousand, you should not take a tour package from us. But, if you want your limited time, to be used efficiently to enjoy interesting spots, while enjoying the leading culinary tour in Belitung, our Tour Packages can meet that need. The costs you incur will be more expensive if you go alone and follow the program as we describe here, plus the rush and time wasted bargaining for vehicle rental, boat rental and finding lodging. Click the links below for information on our tour program.

  2. For each tour package we provide complete facilities so that in principle you just have to come to Belitung, we have provided everything. The things we provide are as follows:

    • a two-star hotel with AC, 2 people per room
    • Avanza / Xenia 5 seat or Elf 14 seat car rental, airport transfer according to the itinerary
    • rent a fishing motorboat for trips to the small islands
    • full consumption: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and aqua
    • experienced tour guides according to the itenary in our tour program
    • tourist attractions tickets, life jackets for security trips to the island, beach tents

    Flight tickets are not included in our Tour Package except for trips that we already offer with airplane tickets.

  3. Sorry we left the old and manual way to give an offer. With an online reservation system, you can get offers from us instantly. All you have to do is make a reservation by clicking on this link .

    If you are a group of 4 or more people, then you can make a Private Trip because the price is quite economical for participants 4 people and above. If the cost of the tour is not an issue, you can only book as a Private Trip even if only 2 people, so you are free to determine the date and itinerary of your tour program.

    After making a reservation, you will have access to the Reservation Page with a special code for you. There is detailed information about the price of the tour, the coverage provided in the program, a complete itinerary and also a Message Board to facilitate communication with us during the preparation of the tour program. The Reservation page is a detailed form of our Travel Package offer . If you have agreed with what we offer on the Reservation Page, specifically for our company can send an official offer letter.

  4. Offers can be sent via email. But for reasons of effectiveness and clarity of communication for you, as well as speed of handling by our team, we do not use email for further communication and preparation. All offers we provide online via the website according to our explanation above. However, if you have made a reservation all the information you have entered and all communications sent through the Message Board will also be copied to your email.

  5. Our Tour Package DOES NOT INCLUDE plane tickets, except special programs in collaboration with Airline. We provide separate flight tickets in the form of e-tickets sent to your email. Estimated flight ticket prices Jakarta - Tanjungpandan @ Rp 400,000 - Rp 700,000 one way, depending on the class available when booking.

    Alternatively, you can order flight tickets directly from the nearest travel bureau to Tanjungpandan in Belitung instead of Pangkalpinang in Bangka (there are often errors from the travel bureau). To find out flight information to Belitung please check information about transportation to Belitung .

    Information about flights and how to book plane tickets to Belitung can be found on this page .

  6. Whereas additional things from our tour packages, can be paid or purchased directly at Belitung later, including:

    • rent a snorkeling device
    • kayaking / canoe rental
    • rent a bicycle device
    • additional orders at restaurants and hotels
    • extra extra bed, except with prior agreement
    • room upgrade to a higher class
    • additional time to rent vehicles and boats outside the itinerary
    • diving, until now there is no Dive Center in Belitung

    Extra charge conditions can be seen on the Itinerary Tour on the Reservation Page, if you have already made a reservation.

  7. Yes, as long as all participants in the group agree to modify the itinerary that we provide. Thus you are free to set the time and places you want to visit. Changes to the itinerary will not incur additional costs as long as they are still within the distance of the route and the duration of time that we convey to our original itinerary.

  8. No, for Private Tour. The itinerary is only a description of the program and places to be visited. In practice we will make some adjustments depending on weather conditions, time and schedule of your aircraft. We make sure the main places in the itinerary will be visited, it's just that we can exchange time with each other.

    One program that we usually adjust is a trip to the island. Adjustments are made due to weather conditions, due to rain or big waves. If we cannot carry out trips to the island due to weather conditions, we will divert the program to visit tourist attractions in South Belitung (Membalong) or East Belitung (Manggar, Gantong, or Laskar Pelangi areas).

  9. There is. BelitungIsland.COM was originally a photography site about Belitung. For those of you who specifically come to Belitung for photo hunting we provide extra treatment. Our team will guide you to get the spots and timings that you need. We are very concerned and provide facilities for you to capture the Sunrise and Sunset moments in the right spots. Before you leave, please call our Tour Organizer Kusumah +62 819 567 1357 to consult weather conditions or if you need a model or make up. We can also guide you to take photos at human interest spots if needed.

  10. No, as long as the route and travel time are not too different from our original itinerary. We will use extra charge for additional fuel and our tour guide / drive overtime according to the additional route and time used. For additional fuel, participants can pay directly to the refueling place, while for additional overtime drivers, please refer to the terms of the itinerary document on the Reservation Page.

    Additional costs will also be charged for additional meals or events such as: extra food orders at restaurants or barbecues (outside the dinner menu package), live music or single organs, camp fires, or meeting packages. Adding scope such as: additional number or time of rental vehicles (car or boat), hotel room upgrades, or extra extra beds, we will also use extra charges, according to the conditions written in detail on the itinerary document that you can access from the Reservation Page. Itinerary hardcopy documents and price terms will be provided when you arrive in Belitung later.

  11. No, for programs according to our scope and itinerary. We have a fixed price system in place for all participants. We will automatically discount the price if there are more participants. Prices will be fixed at the lowest level for groups with 24 or more participants.

    It is very important for us to provide the same charge to maintain our reputation for tour participants who have previously used the services of our Tour Packages. We will make an announcement if there is an increase or decrease in price for a certain period. Trips in June, July and December are counted as peak season with prices slightly higher.

  12. We offer Tourism Package prices according to hotel choices, so please check our prices according to hotel choices on the Tour Prices page. Alternatively we can provide hotel and vehicle booking services only through our tour service .

  13. For total participants in an odd group, for example 5 or 7 people, we only allow 1 room reduction. So a group of 5 people from 3 rooms into 2 rooms + extra beds or a group of 7 people from 4 rooms to 3 rooms + 1 extra bed. Reduction of rooms to extra beds is IDR 150,000 per night / room (depending on hotel choice) of the total price of all participants. We do not allow the reduction of 1 room to 2 extra beds (eg 6 people are made into 2 rooms), except for special reasons such as children under 12 years who do not want to be separated from parents.

  14. Our children under 5 years are FREE, and they don't get extra beds. If you need extra beds, please go directly to the hotel. Children over 5 years we wear full charge with the same facilities as adults. If the children want to change the room to an extra bed, the maximum is 2 children per family.

  15. If you have made a reservation , then you will have access to a special LINK that is confidential, to open your Reservation Page and Profile Page. If you have updated your reservation status to Confirm, you can find out the price amount and where you have to pay. Payments are made by bank transfer, Paypal , or credit card (via paypal). We will send the receipt via email, the original payment receipt will be given when we arrive in Belitung, except for the company, we can send the receipt to the address.

    You must inform us via the Message Board on the Reservation Page if the transfer has been made. We will confirm by replying to your Message Board and writing down the amount and status of payment in the Table on the Reservation Page. You do not need to send proof of transfer to us. The number of payments can only be accessed by yourself, while other participants can only see their status in the form of DP (Down Payment), FP (Full Payment) or NP (No Payment).

  16. If you do not want to bother, you can transfer full payment to us no later than the time limit or 5 days before leaving. But if you feel unsure, we can understand, you don't need to pay in full. The minimum payment is IDR 350,000 per person (according to the calculation at the time of your reservation), as a Down Payment (DP), no later than before the hotel booking Time Limit.

    We intend this DP to secure your hotel reservation so that booking status does not expire. We cannot ensure the availability of the hotel if the participant has not completed the full payment or DP after the Time Limit has been noticed. The rest of the payment is paid upon arrival in Belitung via Mandiri and BCA ATMs, BCA debit or Visa / Master credit cards with a fee of 3%.

    Application of the price per person is done automatically based on the number of participants, the more participants the cheaper, and vice versa the more expensive prices for fewer participants. The final price is the price calculated according to the participant leaving. We include a table containing the price per person on page 2 of the Itinerary pdf document that you can download if the reservation is Confirmed. We will provide an itinerary hardcopy when you arrive in Belitung.

  17. Vehicle rental system in Belitung is per 24 hours, not per hour. While our program matches the itinerary from the first morning to the last morning, it applies to the unit price that we charge to you according to our price list. For additional time to use the vehicle from morning to evening, it will be charged as a rental vehicle one day because the vehicle can no longer be rented to other users.

    The minimum charge for a rental vehicle in Belitung is per 24 hours. If you only need a vehicle to get to the airport, then rental vehicles can be cheaper, and you only need to pay as a taxi to the airport.

    Since July 2014, visitors have a new choice for land transportation in Belitung with the operation of Street Taxi, the first yellow plate official taxi company in Belitung. You can get this taxi at the HAS Hananjoeddin airport arrival terminal in Tanjungpandan.

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