Why Belitung: Why do you have to go to Belitung?

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Why do you have to go to Belitung?

Belitung will present an extraordinary beach panorama. Let's look at the photos on this website. Of course, these photos are recorded by experienced photographers with adequate equipment. However, only aslinye beautiful beaches can produce photographs as beautiful as this. The photos on this website are from the guests of our Tour program and some photographers who take photos on different occasions. Friends, we say again, the beach is really unique and great. Let's look at the photos again and we will tell you in more detail about interesting things here.

White sand

White as sugar. Keep in mind this island is the main producer of quartz sand, the raw material for glass factories. Hopefully if any of you are business people, you will not take sand from this beach area. Compared to Bali? There is nothing, because the sand in Bali is brown.

Granite stone

This one is really unique. When I was little, I always wondered where the beautiful stones came from, and at the same time I was never satisfied with the answers to this day. Imagine, rocks like this are usually found in the mountains, but this time instead on the beach. Look at the structure they form. It seems, someone has arranged the stones so that they are arranged and beautiful to look at. But how, because the stones are so big. You can watch the stones spread from the shoreline to the sea. Some are arranged to form like animals, for example in Tanjung Kelayang, where the large rocks are shaped like birds (kelayang birds), therefore people call this place Tanjung Kelayang.

Small Islands

There are 189 small islands around Belitung Island. Almost all of them are surrounded by white sand. In the northwest of the village of Tanjung Binga, there are many small islands found, mostly without inhabitants. You can get there by renting a boat with a trip less than 30 minutes. The beaches on the islands are also a combination of white sand and granite rocks. One of them is called Galangal Lent. Here, you can see a lighthouse built by the Dutch in the 19th century. Other small islands that are fun to visit are Pualu Burung, Babi Island, Pengadari Island, Lutung Island, Kera Island and Jenang Island.

Easily achieved

I am sure, many of you, especially those who live in Jakarta, have already visited famous tourist attractions such as Bali, Yogyakarta, Puncak, Anyer, Bandung, Lombok, Manado, Bromo, Lake Toba, or whatever. How long do you need to get there from Jakarta? The fastest may be to the Peak, if you travel at 12 o'clock at midnight. Friends, Belitung can be reached only by direct flights from Jakarta for 45 minutes. There are two flights a day by the airlines Sriwijaya Air and Batavia Air. If you feel bored visiting the popular places above, this is the right alternative.


A one-time flight is only IDR 450,000 - 650,000, depending on the class obtained when booking, a three-star standard hotel of IDR 450,000, vehicle rental including driver IDR 450,000 and fishing boat rental if you want to visit small islands approximately IDR 400,000. Meanwhile, eating at a restaurant will surprise you. My experience with a family of 8 members, eating a menu of grilled fish, fried shrimp and fish soup (gangan), fried shrimp and 2 kinds of vegetables and rice, all for only Rp. 400,000 (2009).

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    1 Oct 2015

    I really want to go to Belitung, hopefully when I can set foot in this beautiful place, Indonesia is cool