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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  25/11/2018
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Now, if you want to take a vacation to Belitung from Singapore, you don't need to bother to travel on air. Because, now there are direct flights from Changi Airport, Singapore to HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport in Tanjungpandan, Belitung. It is Garuda Indonesia that opens and serves this flight four times a week. This flight service itself will use a fleet or Bombardier CRJ 1000 aircraft capable of 96 economy class passengers.


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Direct flights from Singapore to Belitung are carried out on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. For Monday, Wednesday and Friday, flights from Changi Airport, Singapore are conducted at 17.20 LT Singapore time. Later this flight will take less than 1 hour and arrive at Hanandjoeddin International Airport in Tanjung Pandan at 17.50 WIB. Meanwhile for flights on Sunday, it takes place at 17.30 LT from Changi until arriving in Belitung at 18.00 WIB. Meanwhile the reverse flight ie returning from Hanandjoeddin Airport to Singapore takes place at 14.50 WIB and arrives at Changi Airport at 16.20 LT.


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Pikri Ilham Kurniansyah, as Director of Garuda Indonesia Commerce, revealed the reason for Garuda Indonesia opening flights on the Singapore - Belitung route. According to Pikri, Belitung, whose tourism sector is growing, will be very sustainable with Garuda Indonesia's commitment to encourage the development of Indonesian tourism. Especially if you see one of the destinations in Belitung, Tanjung Kelayang, which has been included in 10 priority destinations, making Belitung very suitable with the company's vision and mission. The views and views of Singapore, an international network and the busiest transit point of Indonesia, also make the existing flight routes very appropriate for the development of Garuda Indonesia's business strategy.


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From the opening of new flight routes from Singapore to Belitung, this will certainly have a certain impact. In addition to connecting business connectivity, the opening of this new flight will also have an impact on increasing exports of Belitung's flagship products and also the development of cruise ship tourism. Another thing that could impact the opening of new flight routes from Singapore to Belitung is the anticipation of the needs of tourists during the holiday season in December 2018 - January 2019. And certainly opening new flight routes from Singapore to Belitung will also be proof that Garuda Indonesia supports the development of packages tourism hot deals by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the "Twin Destinasions Program" program from the Singapore government.


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The inaugural flight from the opening of new flight routes from Singapore to Belitung itself was carried out on 29 October 2018. At that time the inaugural flight was attended by several important people related to this program such as Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, Belitung Regent H Sahani Saleh, Deputy Governor of Bangka Belitung Abdul Fatah, Dandim 0414 Belitung Lieutenant Colonel Inf Indra Padang, Belitung Police Chief AKBP Yudhis Wibisana, Danlanud H AS Hanandjoeddin Tanjungpandan Lieutenant Colonel Aknb Juang and business representatives in Belitung.

After arriving in Belitung, a group of several important people who were accompanied by the press and tourism business people were invited to run island hopping, namely traveling around islands such as Garuda Island, Lengkuas Island, Batu Berlayar Island and also Sand Island. The island hopping activity itself was carried out to show the beauty and magnitude of the natural potential that could be explored for tourism in Belitung. After doing island hopping, guests can stay in several hotels, including five-star hotels accompanied by golf courses.

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The opening of the new flight route from Singapore to Belitung itself is actually a follow-up to the Business Mission of the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore to Belitung Regency, which will be held 24-26 September 2018. At that time the mission was led by Ngurah Swajaya as the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore. This business mission itself is to explore cooperation in the development of tourism, KEK investment (Special Economic Zones) as well as exploring export opportunities from Belitung Regency.

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Speaking of Belitung, this area is not just any place. The reason is that with all its charm, especially on its coast, Belitung was later established as one of the "10 New Bali" by President Joko Widodo. Thanks to its status as one of the "10 New Bali", making Belitung visited by many tourists. The increase itself not only occurred in local tourists but also occurred in foreign tourists, including travelers from Singapore. In the span of January-July 2018 alone there has been an increase in tourists from Singapore which reached 929,106 people. This means an increase of 9.6 percent compared to the 2017 period.

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Hearing the news of the opening of the Singapore - Belitung flight route made the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) make the best use of this momentum. Even far before the opening of the D-day flight, Kemenpar has carried out a mission called "Sales Mission Belitung Tourism Package Promotion". This mission itself has been carried out since November 1, 2017 at the Marina Mandaring Hotel, Singapore by presenting 33 Travel Agents / Travel Operators (TA / TO) and four hotels. The mission of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, which was carried out at the Marina Mandaring Hotel, Singapore, was also attended by Sigit S. Widiyanto as Minister of Economic Counselor for the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, Sahani Saleh as Belitung Regent, Burhanudin as Deputy Regent of East Belitung, Robert Daniel W as Expert Minister of Tourism in the field of Air Connectivity as well as Franky Gan as the Commercial Director of NAM Air Sriwijaya Air Group.

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The Minister of Tourism's Special Staff for the Ministry of Tourism Infrastructure, Judi Rifajantoro said that the promotion of the mission of "Sales Mission Promotion Belitung Tourism Package Package" was very well responded by the market. This can be seen from the many tourism industry players who are interested in supporting this mission to jointly grow Belitung. The enthusiasm of the tourism industry in supporting this mission can be seen from the many questions that emerged during a meeting at the Marina Mandaring Hotel, Singapore. They asked a lot about supporting facilities, readiness and others. Some of the tourism industry players from Singapore even asked questions about the emotional ties of their citizens who are also many in Belitung.

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Judging from the market that has been entering Belitung, it can be found that 40 percent of foreign tourists (foreign tourists) come from Bali. Meanwhile 30% came from Jakarta, then there were 20% from Batam-Bintan and the remaining 10 percent from other cities. From this data reference, Judi Rifajantoro concluded that this market influence was already good and would be able to trigger the arrival of tourists from other cities, including Singapore.

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Judi Rifajantoro further stated that the opening of the Singapore - Belitung flight route also complemented the Kemenpar target after the opening of the Silangit - Singapore route. The opening of the flight route Singapore - Belitung itself is indeed not without basis. The high demand for tourists who want to come to Belitung from Singapore is an undeniable reason. As we know in Singapore there are also many beaches that are just like the natural conditions in Belitung. From here, then the interest of Singaporeans to come to Belitung grew.


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Speaking of investment issues, Judi Rifajantoro said that 50 percent of investment in charter flights came from the Belitung Regency Government and the rest was supported by related parties. Meanwhile, tour packages from Singapore to Belitung are fairly cheap. This was conveyed by Larasati Sedyaningsih who is a Member of the Team for the Acceleration of Priority Tourism Destination Development in the Belitung and Central Java regions, Kemenpar.

According to Larasati, for the tour package, tourists only need to pay Rp 2,700,000. As for the price of a plane ticket, tourists can use NAM Air with a tag starting from 101 Singapore dollars for one way (one way) or 125 Singapore dollars to commute. This was conveyed by Franky Gan as the Commercial Director of NAM Air Sriwijaya Air Group. However, this price is only for the period December 15-22. And if it is past December 22, the price will rise again in the amount of 111 Singapore dollars one trip or 150 Singapore dollars to commute.

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    26 Nov 2018

    Nice reading, semoga Belitung benar-benar berhasil menjadi Bali baru dan dikenal masyarakat Singapura.