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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  2/03/2019
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For those of you who are planning a second or third vacation to Belitung and are bored with beach trips, religious tourism can be an alternative. Being in Belitung, we are not only able to find natural and cultural attractions. But here we can also find religious tourism that is not less interesting. By doing religious tourism, we can not only do refreshing, but we can also cool the mind and increase faith. Even some religious tourism in Belitung can also make us find a deep history or history of the place. Well, here are some religious tours that you should visit while on vacation in Belitung.

1. Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque

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First, religious tourism that is worth visiting Belitung is Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque. The mosque is on Jalan Penghulu, RT. 05 RW. 03 Sijuk Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency is indeed not just any mosque. This is because the Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque or Sijuk Mosque, is the oldest mosque in Belitung Regency that was built in 1817. Actually, besides the Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque, there are three other mosques in Membalong, Kampit Kelapa, and Badau which are classified as old mosques in Belitung. But because these three mosques have been demolished and replaced by new mosques, the only ones left are in Sijuk. Not only historic in the development of Islam in Belitung, but the Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque also has a history related to the struggle of the Indonesian people against the Dutch Colonial. Once the historic Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque made the Belitung Regency Government's Office of Culture and Tourism determine it as a cultural preservation.

The mosque, which is 200 meters from the Sijuk Temple, which is also the oldest temple, is considered to represent a symbol of high tolerance. Judging from the architecture, then we can find the roof of the archipelago-style culture of the archipelago with overlapping limasan form. Meanwhile, the building materials used to build the mosque are almost mostly made of wood. The most interesting wood can be found in the main pillars that use wood that only grows in areas of mangrove forests. As for the floor itself already uses ceramics. The mosque which was renovated in 1948 and 1999 itself has a building area of 136 m2 and a land area of 1,813 m2 with the main building mihrab jutting out as well as a pavilion. Of all the things presented by the Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque, you will be able to enjoy religious tourism with a deep impression. Not only can we enjoy religious tourism, at Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque, we can also find valuable historical tourism. But to be able to enjoy valuable historical tourism at Al Ikhlas Sijuk Mosque, then you are advised to bring a guide or tour guide.

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2. Vihara Dewi Kwan In

Next, religious tour that you should visit while on holiday in Belitung is Dewi Kwan In Temple. The monastery located in Burung Mandi Village, Belitung Regency itself is the largest and oldest in Belitung Island. The Goddess Kwan In Temple is indeed quite ancient because it was discovered since 1747. The discovery of the Goddess Kwan In Temple when it was found by a fisherman who was anchoring his boat at Pantai Mandi Mandi. From its history, the Dewi Kwan In Temple is known to be a place of worship for Buddhists. Some even claim that the Dewi Kwan In Temple was once used as a place of prayer by Dewi Kwan Im in the Kon Im room. There are three prayer areas in the Goddess Kwan Im Temple, namely Sitiyamuni, Shimunyo and Kon Im on the top of the temple. Because it is located in a hilly area, visitors who come and will explore the monastery, are required to go through several steps of which there are 86. Now Dewi Kwan In Temple is no longer a place of worship for Buddhists. This is because so crowded visitors who come then the Local Government also establish the Goddess Kwan In Temple as a tourist attraction.

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However, on Buddhist holidays such as Vesak and Chinese New Year, the Dewi Kwan In Temple will be re-functioned as a place of worship. The thing that attracts the most tourists to come to the Dewi Kwan In Temple is the myth of prayer being answered if asking for a request at this place. From here then many tourists who come, not only from within the country, but not a few tourists who come from abroad. At the Dewi Kwan In Temple itself, you can not only enjoy religious tourism and historical tourism. But because of the location of the temple which is in the hills, then you too here can enjoy a beautiful natural dish from a height. From the top of this monastery we can see Burung Mandi Beach and also the vast ocean. Do not miss anyway if lucky, on the hilltop, we can find a crowd of monkeys looking for food.

3. The Hamasah Qur'an Tourism Village

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Finally, an interesting religious tour that is worth visiting while in Belitung, the Hamasah Qur'an Tourism Village. Do you want to hear the sound of the Qur'an as it is routinely heard when in the village? Just come to the Hamasah Qur'an Tourism Village located in Batu Itam Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency. As the name implies, here we will be able to find a place in the countryside that has the activity of reading and also memorizing the Qur'an. The activity of reading and memorizing the Qur'an in this village itself can be followed by anyone including you who come and want to try it. But indeed to be able to memorize the Qur'an properly requires a long time of at least 30 days. Later there will be a program called "Quarantine 30 Juz Memorizing Al Quran in 30 Days" which can be followed to be able to complete memorization. The "Quarantine 30 Juz Hafal Al Quran in 30 Days" program itself has succeeded in printing several hafiz (memorizing the Qur'an). One of the most successful successes of this program was the emergence of young hafiz, who were able to memorize the Qur'an in just 14 days. Because here participants or registrants will be given a program to memorize the Qur'an then there is a fee that must be paid. The cost of this program starts from Rp5,978,000 with a registration fee of Rp97,500. But even if you don't take part in the program and just stop by visiting, you will get a deep religious impression here. Because while in the Hamasah Qur'an Tourism Village, you will find many Hafiz who are reciting and memorizing the Qur'an. The Hamasah Quran Tourism Village itself is in a clean and comfortable location. Because it is near the beach, then you in the Hamasah Qur'an Tourism Village can also enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere.

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