Ganesha Begalor Shows Potential Tourism to the Ministers

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VISIT three Ministers of the Working Cabinet in Belitung, Saturday (3/14) were utilized as well as possible tourism actors and the Belitung Regency Government to show the potential of tourism. In fact, the visit of the three ministers was actually to attend the national working meeting (Rakernas) of the Bandung Institute of Technology Alumni Association (IA ITB).

One of the travel agents in Belitung, (BIC) which deals with the activities of the ITB alumni held the Ganesha Begalor, Saturday night in Kampong Dedaun, Sijuk. Begalor in the Indonesian language means gatherings to chat to show the potential of tourism to the ministers.

The three ministers scheduled to take part in the event included Tourism Minister Arif Yahya, Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan and Maritime Coordinating Minister Indroyono Soesilo. Various arts and crafts produced by Belitung will be exhibited at the event. owner Rustam Effendie said the moment of the minister's visit was used as an effort by the central government to look into Belitung's tourism potential. It is hoped that the central government will support tourism development in the Laskar Pelangi Country.

"Actually, they (the ministers, red) came here not in tourism activities but to visit the Suge PLTU and Tanjung Batu Port and ITB Rakernas. At least we hope they will also glance at Belitung," Rustam Effendie said.

In the Ganesha Begalor activities, stands will be displayed featuring handicraft products from the Belitung Regency Industry and Trade Agency and handicrafts from Sijuk District. This is intended so that the ministers can see the potential in the tourism sector owned by Belitung.

So far, Belitung still relies too much on the beach and sea potential in its tourism activities. With this activity the central government is expected to see first hand the tourism potential in Belitung not only limited to the beach, but also its arts and crafts products. <

Rustam added that both the central and regional governments will carry out development in accordance with their potential. So that the moment of the arrival of the ministers could be a place to show the potential of Belitung in terms of tourism.

"So the people are required to show their creativity. Until now, the beaches are still relied on. If we can add to the arts culture, the government will inevitably have to build tourism in Belitung," Rustam said. (*)

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