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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  28/05/2018
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Visiting Belitung Island at this time does make us have many choices of tourist destination references that can be visited. The rapid growth of tourism in the Laskar Pelangi country has made several new tours emerge. One of the tours that you can enjoy on Belitung Island is the museum tour. As we know that Belitung Island does have a lot of stories and history in the past, especially regarding tin mining stories. Not only that, the thick culture of Belitung also makes us more able to enjoy museum tours more exciting. So from here, then you who plan to Belitung can make some of the following museums as tourist destinations.

1. Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum

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First, the museum that you can visit in Belitung is the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum or also called the Tanjung Pandan Museum & Zoo. In accordance with its name, in this museum we will get many stories from tin mining in Belitung in the past. As we know that in the past in Belitung there was PT. Timah, Tbk, which manages tin mining in Belitiung. The establishment of the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum itself was initiated in 1963 by DR. Osberger, a worker at PT. Timah and also a Belgian geologist. In the museum that was once called the Geology Museum, we can find some interesting collections such as some equipment for mining tin, including dredges. Other collections that we can find here are some mineral stones and metal ores that were found during the mining process. One of the stones here is the famous and popular satam stone in Belitung. In addition to mining collections, the Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum also has a royal collection that used to be in power on Belitung Island. Some of the collections from these works are royal stamp, ancient money, sharp weapons, cannon, and also the gravestone of KA Rahad Tomb (Depati Cakraningrat VIII) which is the founder of Tanjungpandan City. Not to forget also the collection of treasures found on the seabed and old ceramics from China and Thailand in the form of jugs, bowls and others can also be found here. The most interesting collection here is the Japanese samurai relics dating back to 1514. Because this museum also presents zoo or zoo, here we can also find several fauna collections such as crocodiles, poultry, pythons and others. Some preserved animals can also be left behind here. To go to Tanjung Pandan Tin Museum, you must go to the address on Jalan Melati No. 41 A, Kecamatan Parit, Belitung Regency, Bangka-Belitung Province.

2. Badau Museum

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With the aim of preserving the legacy of the Kingdom of Badau, in 1982 the construction of the Badau Museum was inaugurated. The establishment and construction of the Badau Museum itself at that time was directly initiated by the local Regional Government. Some of the Badau Museum collections that we can find here are some of the weapons that were made to fight the invaders. One of the most interesting weapons here that we can see is the Tambara or Berlek 13 which is a pair of spears made by Daloeng Muyang Gresik who was the first king of Badau and also a student of Sunan Gresik. The spear-shaped spear which has become the pride of the Badau community itself is very special because it has magical properties and cannot be separated. In addition, in the Badau Museum, we can also find other Badau Kingdom relics such as swords, gongs, jugs, dry, dalong pots, agarwood, kelinang, trays and many others. Museum located on Jl. Abdul Rahman No.1, Badau Village, Badau District, Belitung itself is guarded by a caretaker named Ki Johar Juki who is the 10th grandson of King Badau.

3. Andrea Hirata Word Museum

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The museum is fairly new, because it was inaugurated in November 2012. In accordance with its name the founder of the Andrea Hirata Word Museum is Andrea Hirata who is the author of the novel "Laskar Pelangi". Because it relates to the story of "Laskar Pelangi" then here we will find a few things about the story of 10 children who went to school at the Muhammadiyah Gantung Elementary School. One of the Andrea Hirata Word Museum collections are photographs from the Laskar Pelangi film, travel photographs by Laskar Pelangi novels and also a famous quote photo from the novel "Laskar Pelangi" namely "Dream because God hugs your dreams". In the Andrea Hirata Word Museum we will also find several rooms such as the Latitude room which also depicts a smart Latitude figure. There is also the Ikal Room which is one of the main characters in "Laskar Pelangi". Another room that we can find here is the Mahar Room which in the story is told as a person who has a high artistic soul. There is also a library room for those of you who want to read a number of novels by Andrea Hirata, including the novel "Laskar Pelangi". Interestingly at the Andrea Hirata Word Museum, we can also relax by drinking coffee in the Coffee Coolie Warkop room. With all the collections presented by the Andrea Hiarata Word Museum, when we are there we are invited to reminisce and tread the story of "Laskar Pelangi". Andrea Hirata Word Museum (Literature Museum of Andrea Hirata) which is recorded as the first and only literary museum in Indonesia can be visited at Jalan Raya Laskar Pelangi No.7, Gantong, East Belitung. To enter it you do not need to think about the cost, because it does not cost anything or free.

4. Istiqomah Buding Museum

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Finally, the museum tour that you can visit in Belitung is the Istiqomah Buding Museum. The museum which is located in Buding Village, Kelapa Kampit District, East Belitung will present many stories about the history of Belitung, especially the Buding Kingdom. Istiqomah Buding Museum indeed holds a large collection of relics from the Buding Kingdom which is considered very valuable. Some of the collections from the Istiqomah Buding Museum are small gongs (kempul) which are very old and also a fruit bowl made of brass. Another interesting collection is the wooden and domed mosque which is estimated to be around 4 centuries old. Previously there were mosques around the museum that were believed to be the oldest mosques in Belitung. Unfortunately, this oldest mosque has been replaced by a new mosque that is next to the museum. Not only that, at the Istiqomah Buding Museum, we can also find Royal Buding clothes, Dutch kepeng currency and also some household equipment. Another collection from the Istiqomah Buding Museum is a sharp weapon in the form of a dagger, tombal, sword, machete, rogue, and also a weapon from the handle of a deer's antlers. A unique weapon in the form of a long sword with carvings and machetes from the 5th century AD can also be found here.

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