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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  16/05/2018
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At present Gantung which is a district in East Belitung Regency cannot be underestimated. Because the place where the story of the phenomenal novel Laskar Pelangi originated, is now increasingly visited by tourists. Because many tourists come, so of course in this Hanging we can find several attractions. Some interesting attractions in this Hanging is certainly very unfortunate if passed. While retracing the story of "Laskar Pelangi", then a vacation in Gantung will be impressive for anyone. Now here are some tourist destinations in Gantung, East Belitung that you can visit for a vacation reference.


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First, the tourist destination in Gantung that you can visit is Laskar Pelangi Elementary School. Laskar Pelangi Elementary School or also called SD Muhammadiyah Gantung is a replica of the elementary school in the story of Laskar Pelangi's novel. Also at this location, the film "Laskar Pelangi" was made. Although only a replica, but because it is made as closely as possible to the original through Andrea Hirata's explanation, the Laskar Pelangi Elementary School is very interesting. Andrea Hirata himself is the author of the novel "Laskar Pelangi" who is also a character in the story. Laskar Pelangi Elementary School, located in Lenggang Village, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency, will make your memory of the story of these 10 Laskar Pelangi children reappear. The story of children who, with all their limitations, seek knowledge eagerly to achieve their dreams and ideals. The very simple Laskar Pelangi Elementary School building without floors and is made of wood and zinc-roofed will surely make you able to capture memories while here.


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To accommodate tourists' interest in the Laskar Pelangi story, Andrea Hirata as the author of the novel presents a place called the Andrea Hirata Word Museum (Literature Museum of Andrea Hirata). The Andrea Hirata Word Museum itself is listed as the first and only literary museum in Indonesia. Upon entering this museum, we will immediately feel the atmosphere of the traces of the Laskar Pelangi story. Some of the things presented at the Kata Museum are photos of the Laskar Pelangi novel, including one of the photos with a popular quote from Andrea Hirata namely "Dream because God children embrace your dreams". In addition to photos of Laskar Pelangi's novel journey here we also find photographs from the Laskar Pelangi film. In the Museum which is located at Jalan Laskar Pelangi No.7, Gantong, East Belitung, we can also find a library room where you can read several collections of books from the Andrea Hirata Museum. Another room that we can find here is Space Ikal which depicts the figure of Ikal in the film Laskar Pelangi. There is also a Latitude Space which also depicts a smart Latitude figure. Another room that we can find here is the Mahar room which is known as a person who has a high artistic soul. After getting tired enough of going around the museum, you can come to the Coffee Kark Warkop room to order coffee while relaxing. To enter the museum which was inaugurated in November 2012 by Andrea Hirata, you don't need to think about the cost because it is free.


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For those of you who like Instagramable travel, you should not forget the Conch House while on holiday in East Belitung. This relatively new destination in the Hanging region is indeed interesting because there is a unique building shaped or similar to a conch animal. The building in Lenggang Village, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency makes the visitors can do photography activities optimally. Selfies at the Conch House will get you the best images for collection or posting to social media. The conch house made of rattan (Dum) itself is part of the development of tourism, including hotels in the village of Lenggang by investors. Interestingly, around the Conch House there is Kirana Pier which allows you to enjoy the jutting jetty and facing the Lenggang River. Vacationing at the Conch House is even more impressive because at the Kirana Pier you can also enjoy water tourism facilities. The best time to visit the Conch House itself is in the afternoon because the air is cool and there is a beautiful sunset panorama.


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Pice Dam is one of the Dutch heritage dams that existed since the 1930s. Because of the historic history of the dam, the Pice Dam will be very interesting to visit. The name of the dam itself is taken from the name of the architect who is a Dutchman named Sir Vance. Because of the difficulty of spelling Vance's name, then the name Pice appeared. But there is another version which states that the name Pice Dam is derived from the Chinese name where Pice (Phice) means floodgates in Chinese. According to his history, the dam which has a flood gate totaling 16 and 79 meters in length was used to regulate the amount of water discharge in the Lenggang River so that the dredger could work to mine tin. But after PT. When the Tin is disbanded, the Pice Dam is only used for the purposes of irrigation of agricultural land and the connecting bridge to Cangguh Village. For those of you who want to feel the comfortable atmosphere at Pice Dam then you should come here in the afternoon. Because in the afternoon other than the cool air, there are many people who enliven the destination so that vacation activities here are increasingly felt maximal. For those of you who like photography, the Pice Dam in Lenggang Village, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency is also very appropriate to visit. Because the Pice Dam has been renovated in 2005 so it looks interesting. To enter Pice Dam itself, you don't need to bother spending money, because there is no cost to pay.


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Finally, the excitement of a vacation that can be found in Gantung, East Belitung is Kampoeng Ahok. Kampong Ahok itself is a place that was built and established based on the large demand of tourists who come to East Belitung to see the birthplace and the growth of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok. Tourism in the village of Ahok itself was built with an integrated concept so it is very interesting to visit. So in addition to Rumah Ahok, here we can also find houses on stilts and the Simpor Batik Studio. In this Simpor Batik Studio you can join in learning batik or also look around and buy batik collections. Meanwhile in the stilt house in front of Ahok House, you can go on a culinary tour and also buy various souvenirs from Belitung Timur UKM products for souvenirs. Meanwhile at the Ahok House itself you can trace the man who had served as the Governor of DKI Jakarta for the period 19 November 2014 to 9 May 2017. Inside the Ahok House you can find photos of Ahok's childhood, Ahok's family picture frames, Ahok's caricature and also some rooms that increasingly make you know the figure of Ahok. The tour that you can visit without an entrance ticket is at Jalan Bujang Train Number 22, Gantung Village, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency.

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    Dani Roman
    23 May 2018

    Tempat wisata yang unik, pernah nyoba naik perahu di sepanjang sungai di dekat Dermaga Kirana, asyik juga naik perahu di air sungai yang tenang, sayang enggak sempat mancing. Yang unik adalah ketemu padang savannah seperti film laskar pelangi kayak foto ini.

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  • belitung comment
    17 May 2018

    Artikel yang lumayan membantu untuk referensi perjalanan ke Belitung Timur, ternyata lumayan banyak juga tempat-tempat yang bisa didatangi di kampong Laskar Pelangi ini.