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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  30/05/2020
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Badau Kingdom is the first and oldest kingdom in Belitung. This kingdom was founded in the 15th century with a central government around the area of the Graduates. The first king of the Kingdom of Badau himself named Datuk Mayang Gresik. In its history, the Kingdom of Badau has mastered several areas such as Badau, Bentaian, Bange, Simpang Tiga, Ibul, Buding, Gantung and Manggar. Badau Kingdom's own heritage can now be seen in the Badau Museum located on Jl. Abdul Rahman No.1, Badau Village, Badau District, Belitung.

The Story of Datuk Mayang Gresik's Trip to Belitung

foto #0 Kerajaan Badau
Kerajaan Badau

Datuk Mayang Gresik is indeed not a native of Belitung. So Datuk Mayang Gresik is actually a nobleman from Java or the Majapahit Kingdom who came to Belitung in 1500 AD. The arrival of Datuk Mayang Gresik to Belitung itself was to seek medicine at the suggestion of Sultan Badarudin to treat the ailment he was suffering from. Arriving in Belitung, Datuk Mayang Gresik headed to the Cerucuk river. Because along the Cerucuk river cruise line, there are many pirate and lanun threats found, Datuk Mayang Gresik then settled in Karang City (Cerucuk). Because Karang City is still considered unsafe, Datuk Mayang Gresik continues to look for a place by tracing the Cerucuk river to the upper reaches of the river and entering the Berang river. From here Datuk Mayang Gresik also gets a place to settle at the foot of Gunong Badau (the Graduation area).

After getting the medicine he was looking for, Datuk Mayang Gresik mayang then settled and married a local resident. From Datuk's marriage to local residents, his son, Batin Badau, was born. Not only settled and married, but Datuk Mayang Gresik then ruled by conquering the surrounding areas such as Badau, Simpangtige, Bangek, Bentaian, Ibul to the Manggar, Buding, Manggar and Gantong areas. The government of Datuk Mayang Gresik itself is known as a wise and wise government. Datuk Mayang Gresik then died and was buried on a mountain of lilangan.

foto #1 Kerajaan Badau
Kerajaan Badau

List of Kings of the Badau Kingdom

After Datuk Mayang Gresik (Ngabehi Badau), the government of the Kingdom of Badau was successively led by:

foto #2 Kerajaan Badau
Kerajaan Badau

 Inner Badau (Ngabehi Badi Patah),  Datuk Badau (Datuk Padu),

 Datuk Deraim,

foto #3 Kerajaan Badau
Kerajaan Badau

 Datuk Abdul Rahman,

 Datuk Abdul Awal,

foto #4

 Kik Moh Arif,

 Djuki

 Djohar, the last descendant who is now one of the Key Guards of the Badau Museum.

Badau Kingdom Government After Datuk Mayang Gresik

After Datuk Mayang Gresik died, the royal throne was continued by Batin Badau who was the son of Makota and son of Datuk Mayang Gresik. But Datuk Badau's government did not last long and he was buried at the foot of Mount Badau beside his mother's grave. The Badau Kingdom Government was subsequently led by Datuk Badau who was not well-known of the things that were done. Only the tomb is known which is beside the grave of Datuk Mayang Gresik. The next government was Datuk Deraim who also did not clearly know what he had done. Datuk Deraim himself died and is known to be buried in Gunong Lilangan.

The reign of Datuk Abdul Rachman during the Dutch Colonial Period

After Datuk Deraim died, the Kingdom of Badau was continued by Datuk Abdul Rachman who in his time the Belitung region was colonized by the Dutch. During the Dutch reign, Datuk Abdul Rachman was appointed by the Dutch as the head of the Badau District with a number of 15 dated October 25, 1853. Unfortunately, with his salary, the salary earned by Datuk Abdul Rachman came from the work of the people who worked for five days a year on a regular basis. in groups. From here it looks so cruel Dutch colonialism. When Datuk Abdul Rachman quit his job, he was then transferred to Tanjungpandan with a new position as village supervisor.

Leadership Relay with the Submission of Greatness and Power Tools

Datuk Abdul Rachman's successor was Datuk Abdul Lawal who settled in Badau and was appointed as the foreman of the village of Badau. After the death of Datuk Abdul Lawal was his son named Kik Mohammad Arief. When Kik Mohammad Arief took office, the position of village foreman was replaced by the rank of village chief of Badau. In addition to governing as a lurah, Kik Mohammad also holds the instruments of greatness and power that have been passed down through generations. Kik Mohammad Arief himself has seven children where his eldest son, Djamal, who later continued the government of the Kingdom of Badau. Furthermore, the son of Djamal was apparently not able to hold the instruments of greatness and power of the Badau Kingdom. Finally the throne of Badau Kingdom was handed over to the younger sister Kik Mohammad Arief, the youngest named Kik Djoeki. Kik Djoeki himself kept these instruments of greatness and power in the village of Badau. After the death of Kkik Djoeki, the leadership relay was continued by his eldest son named Djohar who had become one of the Key Attachments of the Badau Museum.

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