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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  15/03/2020
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Talking about the history of Belitung, we really cannot release it from the emergence of several kingdoms that once existed. There are at least 4 kingdoms that have ruled in Belitung namely Badau Kingdom, Balok Kingdom, Belantu Kingdom and Buding Kingdom. Well here we will try to discuss the Kingdom of Buding which is one of the kingdoms that stood and ruled East Belitung.

Buding Kingdom

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According to the records of the struggle of the Belitung people from 1924-1950, it was stated that in Kelapa Kampit sub-district, Belitung was once a kingdom called the Kingdom of Buding. On that note it is known that the Buding Kingdom is a part of the Kingdom of Beams. From this note also found the fact that the kingdom of Buding is the third kingdom in Belitung. The first king of the Buding Kingdom was Datuk Kemiring Wali Raib. After Datuk Kemiring, the government of the Kingdom of Buding was continued by Taila, Duame, Kahar, and Kadir.

Istiqomah Buding Museum Witnesses the Existence of the Buding Kingdom

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The existence of the Buding Kingdom itself can be seen from its relics in the Istiqomah Budung Museum. You can visit this museum in Gantung District, East Belitung. In the museum, we can find many objects from the Buding Kingdom which will open our horizons and knowledge about Belitung in general and the Buding Kingdom in particular.

Some of the objects from the Buding Kingdom that we can find at the Istiqomah Museum include sharp weapons such as machetes, spears, swords, krisses, badik. In addition to metal weapons, here we can also find unique weapons in the form of a hilt antlers. Other unique weapons in the form of machetes from the 5th century and long swords with carvings can also be found in museums that have buildings similar to the house.

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Another interesting collection owned by the Istiqomah Buding Museum is a very old gong (kempul) that is very old. There is also a collection of royal clothing Buding, a place of brass fruit, Dutch kepeng currency and some household items. Another Istiqomah Buding Museum collection that should not be forgotten is the dome of the mosque which is estimated to be around 4 centuries old. Previously, there was indeed an adjoining museum next door and there is an ancient mosque that is considered the oldest mosque in Belitung. But unfortunately this mosque has now been replaced by a new mosque.

Kingdom of Buding Entered the Indonesian Heritage City Network (JKPI)

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Considering that Buding Kingdom is the oldest and very historical kingdom in the history of Belitung, the Government of East Belitung Regency does not remain silent. Therefore, in the series of the First Decade of the Indonesian Heritage City Network Network (JKPI) held in Surakarta on 24-26 October 2018, the Government of East Belitung Regency was active and enthusiastic in following it. This is done of course with the aim of making the cultural preservation of the Kingdom of Balok and Buding sustainable. The Kingdom of Balok and Buding itself has indeed been recognized by JKPI in the Indonesian Heritage City Network. This means that the Government of East Belitung Regency is obliged to care for and preserve its cultural preservation. Assembled the entry of the Kingdom of Balok and Buding into JKPI was recognized by Yuslih Ihza Mahendra as the Regent of East Belitung through a long process.

“East Belitung Regency joins JKPI because we have a Cultural Heritage, and this is a long process” said Yulish.

“The cultural heritage we have is the Balok Kingdom and the Buding Kingdom” Yuslih continue.

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