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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  5/01/2020
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Pantun is one thing that is familiar in this country. Some regions in Indonesia such as Belitung, even have a very thick pantun culture. We can see the thick pantun culture in Belitung from an art called Betiong. Belitung Betiong art performance itself shows a variety of things. In addition to pantun races, in Betiong art, we can watch dance, music and also singing. Then what is Betiong art that is similar to Begambus art? Let follow the explanation below.


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The name Betiong itself comes from the word ketiong which describes parrot art. So first when the drum was played by betiong players, the parrot said the word "prog-tiong". Now from here comes the name Betiong for the unrequited rhyme. Pantun in Betiong art uses Belantu language which is the oldest language in Belitung with Malay dialect.


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Betiong art in ancient times was one of the most popular shows in the land of Belitung. At that time Betiong was often performed at local traditional ceremonies, including and especially the Maras Taun ceremony or tradition. Maras Taun itself is a kampong salvation ceremony as a form of gratitude to God Almighty for the blessings in the form of abundant rice harvest. The ceremony, which is held once a year in every village in Belitung, is even more intense because of Betiong art performance. But in its development now, Betiong is not only played during the Maras Taun ceremony. Because now Betiong is also often found in weddings, circumcisions and other events. The Betiong performance itself is usually displayed from the afternoon to the morning or all night long.


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As the original art of Belitung, Betiong certainly has its own uniqueness. The hallmark of Betiong art lies in its spontaneous pantun. Although spontaneous, in the poem there are various meanings such as innuendo to romance. In this Betiong if a player cannot reply to his opponent rhymes then the player is declared lost and must be replaced. Because of this spontaneous rhyme, many people consider Betiong as one of the special arts because not everyone can do it.


For the use of musical instruments to enliven the Betiong at first, using only a few instruments such as tawak-tawak, gongs, drums and piules or violins and sounds (vocals). Each of these instruments has their own character and role so that they can form the characteristics of Betiong art music. Meanwhile, at present, the number of musical instruments supporting Betiong art is increasing. This is because there are several musical instruments added such as symbals, tambourines and tom-toms. The purpose of adding a number of musical instruments as a form of modification in this Betiong art is so that the original art of Belitung looks more modern and so that it can attract more attention of the audience.


So typical and osirinal Betiong as art in Belitung, the preservation efforts were considered as something very important. One of the parties to preserve Betiong art is the Bares Geresik Badau Culture Art Studio located in Badau District, Belitung Regency. This studio has been in the business of preserving Betiong art since 2015. Judging from its history, the Barca Geresik Badau Arts and Culture has actually started activities in the arts since 2004 when it was first established under the name Sanggar Bahari. But in 2008, the Studio changed its name to Sanggar Bulangsi. The name change occurred again in 2014 from Sanggar Bulangsi to Belitong Cultural Studio. And finally in 2014, the name of Bares Geresik Badau Cultural Studio emerged, replacing the name of the Belitong Cultural Studio.

Until now, Barik Geresik Badau Cultural Studio is still actively doing various exercises, performances and also various competitions. Do not miss also the Bares Geresik Badau Cultural Studio also often participates in several art festivals held by the Regional Government of Belitung Regency. In the effort to preserve the Belitung arts, this studio also often actively provides training for young people in the surrounding environment. Not infrequently some of these young generation are interested in coming to be students and study the arts of the Belitung region.


As a typical culture and art of Belitung, Betiong indeed should not be considered trivial. The reason is, since 2012, Betiong has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (WBTB) and has been registered at the Ministry of Education and Culture with registration number 2012002720. From Betiong registration as Wari

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