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WATER Belitung has a wealth of marine fish. Clean sea water and the availability of coral reefs invites nesting fish in the waters of the Belitung sea. Moreover, the level of pollution or water pollution in the State of Laskar Pelangi is fairly low.

Almost all waters in Belitung provide fishing spots for fans of fishing activities using this hook. Fishing activities provide other potential for the Belitung people. Besides providing tours to enjoy the beauty of nature, fishing tour packages are also tempting.

At the moment many people have come to Belitung just to fish. Well, not only fish can be found, but also enjoy the beauty of the sea while waiting for large fish to grab the hook. Andrenalin rises to feel the sensation when the eye of a fishing line is struck by a fish.

Almost all Belitung waters can be used for fishing. Anglers can rent a boat to go out to sea to throw a fishing line. Anglers can go down to the sea through the areas of Tanjung Binga, Tanjung Kelayang, Padang River (Sijuk), Padang Kandis, Tanjung Deer (Membalong), Pegantung (Badau) and even Tanjungpandan.

Some areas in Beltim also promise the same thing for anglers in the ocean and eyeing large fish. Anglers from Java and Sumatra began to target Belitung as a spot to test their shrewdness and luck at getting large fish.

Potential fishing tourism is also targeted by Sungai Padang Village, Sijuk District. The village began preparing fishing tour packages for local and domestic tourists. But different things offered by this fishing tour package, namely fishing in the river with the results of sea fish.

This fishing location along the Padang River flow. Anglers can rent a local fishing boat with Rp 300 thousand per trip. This location also presents a dense mangrove forest. Various sea fish that lay eggs in the river are the target. Among them are white snapper, stingray and grouper. (*)

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