Potential of Nature Tourism in Gurok Pakuk Waterfall

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AIR falls makes Belitung more complete as a leading tourist destination in Indonesia. Previously, Belitung still relied on panoramic beach and sea tourism in tourism development.

But the natural potential of Belitung for tourism is not only that. In the Gunong Tajam forest area, Badau District, Gurok Beraye waterfall. Not only that, on the other side of the area there are also Gurok Pakuk waterfalls.

The waterfall has a height of about seven meters and a width of about one meter. This makes Belitung rich in tourism potential if developed, especially the two waterfalls are in the same area.

Not so many people know about the waterfall. Not too far from Gurok Beraye, said local residents, Hadi Ismanto.

Gurok Pakuk Waterfall has its own uniqueness. When observed from a distance, this waterfall seemed to be terraced or steps. There are at least four levels of waterfalls in the same flow.

The area around the waterfall that is almost untouched by humans makes the water still fresh natural. Visitors can enjoy the fresh waterfall by bathing around the waterfall.

Not only that, about 10 meters below the flow of this waterfall there are other waterfalls. The waterfall which has a width of about 1.5 meters and has a height of up to five meters.

This location is very suitable for tourists who want to enjoy nature such as hiking, camping and outbound. Although it is still unfamiliar to the Belitung community in general, there have been many activists from the wild visiting this location. (*)

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