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DESTINATION Belitung Island tourism is not only on the coast of the island, namely Sijuk District. But the Laskar Pelangi State tourist destination is also developed on the southern coast of the island. One of these attractions is Bintang Island and Lebong Island in Badau District.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Bintang Island, fish cages, snorkeling spots, mangrove forests, pearl farming and Lebong Island. Some of these tourist locations are packaged with a tour package by the region's developer, PT Leebong Octa Samasta.

The beauty in the area is not inferior to areas in Sijuk such as Tanjung Kelayang Beach, Batu Belayar Island, Lengkuas Island, Bird Island and several other locations. The excellence of the tourist area on the south coast is no obstacle to the west wind.

Tourists can visit the location via the Tanjung Ru Harbor using a local community fishing boat. This tourist location is close to one another. Supporting facilities at the tourist sites are quite adequate.

Walking on the sand island in the middle of the ocean provides its own sensation in this tour. Visitors can find sea stars and selfies. The type of sea star on this sand island is different from the starfish in the northern region of Belitung Island.

Snorkelling spots not far from the location of this sand island. The underwater beauty of the enchanting waters of Belitung can be enjoyed in this tour package. Even tourists can relax on a chart in the middle of the sea while watching fish farming.

The developer of this area is also adding new spots, namely seaweed cultivation and coral planting. So that tourists can see up close the seaweed cultivation process up close.

Whereas on the unspoiled Lebong Island, there are several resorts and other facilities. Staying on this island feels like you have your own island. This island is very important for hanimun activities, company auting, prawedding and family.

This tour package can be enjoyed at a rate of Rp 1.5 million. Or a minimum of 10 people at a rate of Rp 150 thousand per person. Visitors will not lose at the rates charged, given the facilities obtained by visitors are very satisfying. (*)

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  • belitung comment
    Lisa Hendrawan
    12 Jan 2016

    Dengan hormat, Saya seorang tour leader dari Apertour World berlokasi di Tangerang. Akhir bulan Mei saya akan membawa satu group sekitar 10-15 orang untuk berwisata ke Belitung. Mohon informasi berapa biaya 3 hari 2 malam untuk sejumlah peserta tsb diatas ditambah saya sebagai tour leadernya (apakah free of charge?). Tujuan wisata tidak perlu ke SD Muhammadiyah. Saya mengharapkan tujuan wisata yang lain yang jarang dikunjungi tour-tour lain tetapi bagus. Bagaimana dengan Pulau Lebong dan Pulau Bintang? Atas perhatiannya saya mengucapkan terima kasih dan saya menunggu balasannya. Salam, Lisa Hendrawan WA : 081290846196