Panggong House, Belitung Distinctive Traditional House that Must Be Preserved

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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  25/10/2019
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Culture and customs in an area are indeed very interesting to explore. Because from there there are many things that can make us stunned because of its uniqueness. One element of culture and customs that we can find is on the object of the house. In certain areas, including in Belitung, typical houses are indeed part of the local culture and customs that always attract attention. With a model and architecture that is different from building houses in general, making a custom home will give a distinct impression to those who see it.

Panggong Belitung House which is not far from Tanjungpandan City Center

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From here, then you who are or planning a vacation to Belitung, then try to take the time to visit the Panggong House or the Stage House which is a typical traditional house of Belitung. To come to him, you do not need far away to come from the center of Tanjungpandan City. This is because the Belitung Stage House is located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, precisely next to the Belitung Regent's Office. From HAS Hanandjoeddin Airport itself, this Panggong House can be gilded in less than 20 minutes. The placement of the Panggong House next to the Belitung Regent's Office itself is not without reason. The location of the location in the former shopping center of Chinese citizens is due to making the house more accessible and visible to people, especially official guests visiting Belitung. Now the building on a land area of approximately 500 square meters has also become a pride and a popular tourist attraction in Belitung.

Characteristics of Belitung Panggong Houses

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This Panggong traditional house is indeed the only one in Belitung. Along with modernization, the existing houses in Belitung have indeed changed by implementing contemporary architecture. Therefore visiting Panggong House will certainly give a lot of impression for you if you want to visit it. But for the Panggong House here it is indeed a reflection of the aristocratic home in the past. The difference between the Panggong House of nobility and ordinary people themselves is reflected in several things, such as the number of rooms, ornaments and the number of stairs. The Panggong Belitung House, whose ornaments are mostly made of wood, is a reconstruction of a big house. Only in the foundation there are granite materials used to support the building. While in all other parts of the house using wood such as nyatoh wood for supporting poles, ironwood for the floor and also medang wood and saru for the roof. In most parts of the Panggong House itself uses bulin wood that is already known for its durability and durability. In general, the house that was built in 2006 consists of three main parts, namely the main room, loss and kitchen. But the house, which was inaugurated in 2009 by the then Belitung Regent Darmansyah Husain, has five categories of space where the lower the function is lower because it is designated as a guard or assistant room.

Outside Area of Panggong Belitung House

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Before going up and entering the Panggong House, here we will find lace trimming the roofs in the form of triangles. The lace trimming the roof itself reflects that the nobleman had relatives from a tribe in Kalimantan. And the Panggong house on Jalan Ahmad Yani is indeed known to be the adoption of a Kalimantan traditional house. When you arrive at Panggong House, you will climb the stairs and you will arrive at a terrace area which is three times seven square meters. The relatively wide terrace serves to receive guests and sit and relax while talking. Guests who can talk on the terrace area itself are from men, meanwhile for women, they must directly enter the inside of the house.

Area in Belitung Panggong House

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Towards the inside of the Panggong House, we will find a main room that presents a variety of typical Belitung ornaments. Some ornaments in this Panggong House include the sound of rocking flowers made of thin iron which is a welcome greeting ornament. Ornaments that rub against the wind are made of lais leaves. On the right side of the main room in the Panggong House itself we can find a bridal chamber with a small size. While on the left side of the room we can find a cupboard containing the traditional clothes of the groom Belitung with five buttons with a singing hat. In this space it is indeed a place where the application process and marriage take place. The main room in the middle of the Panggong House itself is usually used for a family gathering place and reciting the Koran. In this main room, we will also find a characteristic of the Panggong Belitung House, namely the absence of room barriers, except for the bridal chamber. So all family members will sleep together in the room using a thin mat or mattress. With the concept of the Panggong Belitung House which is open without a partition, it really makes this house feel so spacious.

Panggong Belitung House Also As A Museum

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Another thing that we can find in the main room, precisely on this table is a photo of Belitung tempo figures such as a photo of Sheikh Abu Bakar Abdullah, a propagator of Islam in Belitung. Panggong Belitung's house also functions as a museum. In addition to photos of Rumah Panggong in its heyday, some of the photos that we can see in this main room include a photo of the traditional game of Belitung which is "playing multiplied". Heading to the next room is a loss that will make us meet with a three meter long bridge. In this room usually family members will gather while relaxing and chatting. Not infrequently also generally these family members storytelling and looking for fleas in this loss room. This loss room also functions as a place to neutralize activities in the main room and activities in the kitchen.

Rear Area of Panggong Belitung House

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From this room you will be delivered to the kitchen room at the back. Kitchen placement in the back is intended for dirty places. In the kitchen room, we will find many garden and fish products stored. Aside from being a place to cook, the kitchen room in Rumah Callong is indeed functioned as a food storage. One more function or use of the kitchen space is to eat together with family members. The very back of the Panggong House is a room for helpers and guards. As mentioned earlier, the Panggong House next to the Regent's office is indeed a reflection of a nobleman's home. So from here we will find a guard room or petrification that will not be found in the Panggong House of ordinary people.

Panggong Belitung Houses that Need to Be Compared

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The existence of Panggong House on Jalan Ahmad Yani Belitung certainly needs to be appreciated. With the erosion of the general public's attention in the field of culture, including traditional houses, the existence of Panggong Houses will be very important for education and learning. The Panggong Belitong house itself is now a tourist attraction. Even at certain times, here will usually be held several ceremonial ceremonies and Malay cultural ceremonies such as multiplied games and regional dances. And hopefully with the existence of this Panggong House, the effort to preserve the intangible culture of the Regional Government of Belitung can be realized and many people will increasingly love the local customs.

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