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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  11/06/2018
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For those of you fans of activities to take pictures for selfies or appear to exist on social media, the existence of instagramable attractions will be very coveted. By visiting this instagramable tourist attraction we can indeed get cool and interesting pictures or photos. With the photo trend that is increasingly popular with the public, it makes instagramable tourism more vigorous in several places, including one in Belitung, Bangka-Belitung Province. For those of you who are planning to go to Belitung and like photography activities, the following instagramable tourist attractions should not be forgotten.

1. Lake Kaolin

The lake located on Murai Street, Air Raya Village, Tanjung Pandan District, Belitung is indeed very beautiful and interesting. The scenery on Kaolin Lake itself is similar to the Ciwidey White Crater. The difference is in Kaolin Lake we will not find the smell of sulfur like that in Crater White Ciwidey. With no sulfur odor naturally exploration of Lake Kaolin will be more enjoyable. The view on Kaolin Lake is indeed very stunning. The reason is in Kaolin Lake we can find the eyes that spoil the eyes in the form of a lake with a bright blue color combined with white plains. Interestingly again here we can also find a white island in the middle of an exotic lake. The water in Lake Kaolin itself is quite clear and pleasant to look at. If some panoramic offerings from Kaolin Lake are immortalized with a camera then surely you will be able to get cool and instagramable shots. To be more comfortable exploring this former tin mining lake, it is recommended that you come in the afternoon so that the air is cooler.

2. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

The next instagramable tourist attraction in Belitung that can make you able to get cool pictures is Tanjung Tinggi Beach. This beach is also called Laskar Pelangi Beach because this beach was once used as a location in shooting the film "Laskar Pelangi". The beach, which is located in Sijuk Subdistrict, Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung, indeed has beautiful and enchanting views. This is because here we can find panoramas of granite rocks of various exotic sizes. Granite rocks on the coast of Tanjung Tinggi itself is fairly large and spread across 80 hectares of beach area. Not only granite rocks, but at Tanjung Tinggi Beach we can also find clean and exotic white sand. Do not forget also the clear waters we can find on the beach which is on a peninsula. The scenery at Tanjung Tinggi Beach is even more captivating when you visit here in the late afternoon. This is because at that time there was a beautiful and beautiful panorama of the sunset. With all the panoramic offerings on Tanjung Tinggi Beach, photography activities here will be optimal. From here also the camera shots at Tanjung Tinggi Beach will be able to produce cool and instagramable images.

3. Bukit Berahu

If you are a lover of altitude tours, Bukit Berahu can be an option to get cool and instagramable images. The hill, which is located in Tanjung Binga Village, Sijuk District, Belitung Regency, indeed impresses you because of the variety of beautiful scenery. Here we will indeed find some exotic panoramas. The first sight or panorma, of course, is nature's presentation from a height. From the height of Bukit Berahu which also has a hotel as an entry point we can find views of the beach, ocean and verdant hills. Not satisfied with the view from that height, we can go down the hill with 96 steps to get to the swimming pool area which is combined with a beautiful garden area. Going down the hill again we can find a beach that also presents a captivating view. On this beach called Bukit Berahu Beach we can find clear waters, clean white sand and several other views such as a small coral island in front of the beach, fishing boats in Kampung Bugis and a row of houses on stilts. From all the scenes in Bukit Berahu, the photo activities here will certainly produce cool and instagramable images. To get into this well-managed destination we only need to spend Rp. 2,000 / person.

4. Conch House

Furthermore, a tourist spot that presents instagramable photo spots in Belitung is Rumah Keong. Destinations in Lenggang Village, Gantung District, East Belitung Regency are indeed interesting. This is because there is a house building with interesting architecture in the form of a conch. This house made of rattan will certainly be an interesting shot to produce cool and instagramable images. Not only the Conch House can be seen and we aim with a camera. But around this conch house we can also find the Kirana Pier overlooking the Lenggang River. From here, your photography activities here will be more satisfying. Not only that collection of cool images you post to social media will multiply. So that you are comfortable to explore at the Conch House is recommended to come in the afternoon. Because in the afternoon the air is cooler and there is also a sunset dish that can also be obtained.

5. Batu Garuda Island

Finally, the instagramable tour that we can find in Belitung is Batu Garuda Island. The island, which is not far from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, is indeed very interesting for camera shots. The reason is, here we can find a unique granite shaped like an eagle's head. Interestingly, the shape of the eagle's head from granite is formed naturally, not formed by humans. When viewed from Tanjung Kelayang Beach, the form of Batu Garuda Island is like a bird that is muffling and bathing. From the uniqueness of this Garuda Rock Island, the destination is now visited by many tourists to capture it with a camera. You who also like to take pictures to get an instagramable picture will surely be satisfied when visiting Batu Garuda Island. Because when you get photos you get lots of positive likes and comments when you post them on social media. In addition to the unique shape of granite rocks in the form of the head of an eagle, on the island which has an area of 50 square meters, we can also find offerings of clean white sand and clear waters. Because this destination is offshore, you must take a boat or boat to reach it. But don't worry, because the trip to Batu Garuda Island does not last long because it only takes about 10 minutes from Tanjung Kelayang Beach.

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