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 Asep Irwan Gunawan  28/03/2020
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The sepen dance is one of the traditional dances originating from Belitung. This dance is very interesting because in this dance there are elements of martial arts movements. In this dance we can also find the thick Malay culture. The thick Malay culture in the dance can be seen from several things such as costumes, accompaniment and also its movements. Then what is the dance that is often performed at the welcoming ceremony of this big guest visiting Belitung? Follow the following review.

Sepen Dance Movement

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Seeing the movements in the Sepen Dance, we can find the agility in the dancers' hands and feet. One of the movements that we most often find from this dance is the applause that goes in harmony with the accompaniment of music. In addition to the agile movements, the interesting thing that we can see from the dance is the formation of neat dancers, although often moved. From here on the Sepen Dance performance we can see beautiful movements to watch.

Accompanying Sepen Dance

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In this Sepen Dance we will also find music and songs that are thick with Malay culture. How not, the song to accompany the Sepen Dance was chosen from the typical songs of the Malay people of Belitung. Meanwhile, for the strains of music emerged from traditional Malay musical instruments such as drums, tambourines, violins, accordions and others.

Sepen Dance Dancers Costumes

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Seeing the costumes worn by the dancers, we can also find elements of thick Malay culture. Dominated by bright colors, the viewers who see it will feel the atmosphere and feel of excitement. For the dancers' own costumes we can find several things such as long-sleeved shirts, trousers and fabric that covers the waist. Besides that, to decorate the head, a veil is usually used, although there are some dancers who don't use it.

Sepen Dance Performance

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In the show, the Sepen dance is usually performed by several female dancers in pairs. But not infrequently also in other Sepen Dance performances there are male dancers who do it in pairs with female dancers. However, whoever performs, the Sepen Dance will present dynamic and agile movements according to the accompaniment of accompaniment music. To make it more interesting to watch, the Sepen dancers will usually do variations in their movements. Although doing variations in movement, but dancers will not eliminate the original movement.

Development of the Sepen Dance

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The Sepen dance is indeed developing so rapidly. Even so the rapid development of the Sepen Dance is now making this dance has become one of the traditional dances that is quite popular in the Belitung community in particular and the Bangka-Belitung community in general. The Sepen dance itself is usually performed in cultural festivals or also in welcoming large guests and tour groups visiting Belitung. From here, there are those who call the Sepen Dance a welcome dance. Dance Sepen itself in its development is not only intended as an entertainment dance, but this dance is also useful for introducing cultural arts in the Pacific Islands.

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