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MARINE TOURISM is still the belle of tourism on the island of Belitung. Exotic white sand beaches with large granite clusters and the beauty of small islands make our eyes do not get bored looking. Plus the clarity of sea water and beautiful coral clusters.

But did you know? Tourism potential in Belitung Island. For you nature lovers, Belitung Island also has an artificial cave in Bukit Selumar, Selumar Hamlet, Selingsing Village, Gantung District that you can explore. This cave, created in 1929 for the purpose of tin mining, presents an underground beauty.

Not only this 40 meter cave can be developed for the sake of Belitung Island tourism in the future. But Selumar Hill also has natural potential as a natural tourist attraction to support this tour package. Outbound facilities are the development of the local village government.

"We will review again for attractions in this area. If possible we will develop adventure trips for adventure lovers. Hopefully, we can gradually develop them," said the local village official.

This cave has a depth of about 150 meters from the top of Selumar Hill. The length of the cave is estimated at around 40 meters. The condition inside the cave is very dark. The cave also has two 1x1 meter wide vent for sunlight entry.

This area can be visited by motorbike via sandy paths on hilly hills reaching the top of Selumar Hill. The distance from the nearest village is only about 500 meters. Visitors must walk about 100 meters to reach the mouth of the cave.

The cave is a relic of the Dutch era when exploiting tin. It is said that this cave is equipped with two traditional lifts to get in and out of the miners. Some old buildings are still visible on the Selumar Hill side. Even one building that is believed to be a dynamite warehouse to blow up land still stands firmly. (*)

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