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Who can resist the charm of Belitung? There are many tourist destinations in Belitung that are waiting to be immortalized through your camera. Initially, Belitung was better known through the film Laskar Pelangi. But now there are many heaven spoil the eyes in this place. One that is a pity to miss is Kepayang Island.

The beauty of Kepayang Island

If you are a lover of beaches and islands, Kepayang Island should be included in the list of visits while on holiday to Belitung. FYI, this island is better known as Babi Island by locals. Kepayang Island is located not too far from Lengkuas Island and Tukong Island. Usually Kepayang Island is also one of the destinations for island hopping.

You who start the journey from the center of Tanjung Pandan take just 30 minutes to get to this beautiful island. To get to this island, you have to take the sea route precisely you have to cross from Tanjung Kelayang Beach. This crossing will use a traditional wooden boat.

When you first set foot on Kepayang Island, you will be treated to a beauty that cannot be expressed in words. You will be greeted with a stretch of white sand, super clear blue sea water and also a sturdy cluster of granite rocks. Do not forget also the wave of coconut trees in the wind makes the scenery look so perfect. This combination really makes anyone intoxicated who set foot on Kepayang Island.

Exciting Snorkeling and Diving on Kepayang Island

As with other beautiful islands in Belitung, you can feel the thrill of snorkeling and diving on Kepayang Island. You can enjoy the beautiful underwater charm of Belitung waters on this island. Especially for diving activities, you can swim and dive in the waters between Kepayang Island and Lengkuas Island. Then for the problem of snorkeling and diving equipment, you also don't need to worry because there are several rental places on this island. So just prepare your physical and adrenaline for excitement on Kepayang Island.

Eco-Tourism Destinations in Belitung

Besides enjoying panoramas while walking on the beach, taking beautiful corners of the island with cameras and also snorkeling and diving. In fact there are other activities that you can do on this 12 hectare island, which is visiting the hawksbill conservation site. This breeding place is run by environmental groups as a form of their concern for the survival of sea turtles, especially hawksbill turtles. FYI, the hawksbill sea turtle belongs to the endangered turtle category.

The main purpose of establishing this breeding place in addition to saving hawksbill turtles is also to make Kepayang Island an eco-tourism destination. The good news is that Kepayang Island has become one of the ecological and educational tourist destinations in Belitung. So you could say the efforts of great people behind captivity are successful and should be emulated by all of us.

Besides being able to see endangered hawksbill sea turtles, you can also take part in other cool activities at this place. One of them is coral reef transportation. Hayooo,, you must be curious about how exciting it is to do this coral reef transportation? Therefore, don't waste time and take your time to visit Belitung especially Kepayang Island. Guaranteed there will be no words of regret.

For additional information, you can also find lodging accommodations in the form of eco-lodge, on Kepayang Island. In addition you also do not have to bother for typical culinary tasting Belitung because in Kepayang Island there are also restaurants (restaurants) that are really mandatory to try.

Come on vacation to Kepayang Island ..

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