Padang Kandis Evidence Fishermen Party Towards Tourism Village

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80% of the population of Padang Kandis Village, Membalong, who work as fishermen, are crab catchers. Every day 200-300 kilograms of crab crabs are caught by these fishermen. At least 70 fishing vessels per day operate by fishermen.

The catch of these fishermen has become an export commodity to several neighboring countries, including Singapore. Crab crab that is exported is the processed product, which is only crab meat. The fishermen are estimated to get Rp. 300 thousand per day.

As gratitude for the achievements obtained from nature, the people of Padang Kandis Village held a fishing party. This party was held for two days Saturday and Sunday last week. Various competitions were held to enliven this fishing party.

Among the competitions that were held were the bamboo walking contest, swimming competition, the begging competition. Besides that, there were also rowing, fishing, making fishing nets, tug of war. Everything related to fishermen, carried out by fishermen and intended for fishermen around.

A number of booths were set up around the location of the event to present a variety of seafood obtained by fishermen. Other entertainments are also carried out during the event. The climax was that the regional head and a number of officials were invited to a ceremony and to enjoy seafood.

Kades Padang Kandis Mahyudin said the annual fishing party had been regularly held since 2013. The community also supports the local government in developing tourism. In addition, this event is also to strengthen the brotherhood between fishermen.

Besides having export commodities, Padang Kandis also has tourism potential to support Belitung as a tourist destination. Currently Padang Kandis Village is trying to organize its village for tourism. The beach is still the mainstay of this village, but equipped with culinary tourism of the sea.

Gembira Bay Pier will be used as a tourism area. While the other pier located on Karang Naga Beach will be used as a special pier for fishermen in two places, namely Padang Kandis Village and Seliuk Island Village.

"We have built a pier but have not been able to move closer to the cliff. We have a dredging plan," said Mahyudin. (*)

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