Transportation: How do you get to Belitung?

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How do you get to Belitung?

The best way to Belitung is by plane, of course. There are several daily flights from Jakarta's Sukarno Hatta Airport directly to Tanjungpandan Belitung. The flight takes 45 minutes with ticket prices between IDR 450,000 - IDR 750,000 one way, depending on the class of ticket available at the time of booking. Another alternative is a flight through Pangkal Pinang Bangka to Tanjungpandan Belitung with a ticket price of around Rp. 400,000.



The flight destinations are Tanjungpandan (Tanjung Pandan) and NOT Pangkal Pinang (Bangka) or Tanjung Pinang (Bintan). The incident of buying the wrong ticket is often experienced by visitors and tourists who want to go to Belitung. Belitung and Bangka are different islands, as well as Bintan in the Riau Islands province.

If you need help to arrange your tour in Belitung, we work with a number of airlines to arrange your transportation to Belitung as part of our tour package. We also serve those of you who only want to book plane tickets. Please contact our telephone number at +62 719 22 890 (hunting)

The flight schedule currently flying to Tanjungpandan Belitung is according to the list below. Please note, based on experience, you must arrive at the check-in counter at least one hour earlier. Check-in counters are usually quite crowded and there are a lot of passengers in the group who are usually quite troublesome when queuing. Flight schedules often change.

For visitors who want to take a weekend vacation, we recommend going Saturday morning from Jakarta and returning Monday morning from Belitung. You will arrive in Jakarta around 09.00 if you take the earliest flight and you can directly go to the office from Sukarno Hatta airport after spending 2 full days on holiday in Belitung. If not, we suggest you leave on Friday and return to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon so that your vacation will be more optimal to enjoy Belitung.

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