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Where to stay?

BelitungIsland.COM has partnership partnerships with hotels in Belitung for our Tour Packages. To ensure the quality of our services, we only place our tour package guests in star-rated hotels in Belitung, unless you want a tour package with a lower budget, we can provide a more economical choice of hotels for you. At present we do not accept hotel booking services only.

The choice of hotel that we provide in our tour package is determined by the availability of rooms in these starred hotels when you make a reservation. If you take a public tour package (trips that we show on the website, anyone can register) then the choice of hotel will be determined. But if you make a reservation when choosing a Private Tour (we don't show the trip so participants are only from your own group), then you have the freedom to choose a hotel, as long as rooms are still available. There is no difference in price for hotel choices, unless you want to upgrade to a higher room type (suite / executive). Below are photos of the hotel atmosphere in Belitung for your reference.

Hotels also provide transportation to the airport, however if you intend to visit the beautiful beaches whose photos are on this website, you must rent a vehicle. If not, you might get bored with just spending all day at the hotel. Car rental is calculated per 24 hours. Public transportation such as taxis has only been available in Belitung since July 2014, while city transportation is still inadequate for tourism needs. For more information about car rental and transportation in Belitung, please click here.

If you want to stay in Tanjungpandan, you will find hotel services with more or less the same standards as small cities in Indonesia. Almost all hotels are located in the city. Some hotels in Tanjungpandan are also facing the beach, just like hotels in the beach area above. At least some of them have a swimming pool and all of them provide breakfast. If you have limited funds, you can save money by choosing a standard room in jasmine hotels in Tanjungpandan which may only cost less than IDR 200,000. Tanjungpandan distance to the tourist beaches is 30km which can be reached within 30 minutes, you have to rent a vehicle because taxis are not yet available in Belitung.

To this day, hotels only exist in Tanjungpandan and Manggar. You will not find a place to stay in cities like Kelapa Kampit, unless there is a small hotel in Gantung, on the east coast of Belitung. But don't worry, all the places in Belitung can be reached with a maximum of 2 hours drive from Tanjungpandan, meaning you can still explore all corners of the island in Belitung and return to the capital of Tanjungpandan to rest at night. The condition of the inter-city roads in Belitung is very good, so you will not spend a lot of energy while in a vehicle.

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